Friendly Toast delighted by ‘Good Morning America’ award

The Friendly Toast, which has restaurants in Kendall Square and Portsmouth, N.H., has announced an honor from “Good Morning America” for breakfasts such as this one from May 2009. (Photo: Brad Searles)

The Friendly Toast, the all-day breakfast-and-more hot spot in Kendall Square (and Portsmouth, N.H.), has announced its fourth-place finish as the best breakfast in America! At least in the eyes and mouths of the folks at “Good Morning America.”

Finding the official link to the win is difficult, but here’s a link to the Toast’s Facebook page and announcement, the contest rules and a video of the show’s visit.


One Response to "Friendly Toast delighted by ‘Good Morning America’ award"

  1. boblothrope   Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Maybe I ordered badly, but I found my egg sandwich to be dry and uninspired. And I was disappointed that a diner-type place only had one weird soup on the menu, when I really wanted some chicken noodle.

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