The setting

Cambridge, while not heaven on earth, can be intoxicating in its own little way. Part of feeling that way about where you live is feeling that where you […]

Add it up

This outsourcing stuff is exasperating, and there’s a lot out there to be exasperated by. Among the latest wrinkles: a class on outsourcing rushed together at the Massachusetts […]

Sweet deal

As the Parmalat scandal hints, and the World Economic Forum going on in Davos, Switzerland, has just confirmed, European businesses are just as feckless and prone to illegality […]

Tabula errata

It is sad to see the death of Porter Square’s famed Long Funeral Service. It never failed to raise a smile, funeral home though it was, and for […]

Seasonal affective disorder

With Christmas in full swing — if you can say that of a time when almost everything shuts down — it is obvious there has been a shift […]

Election aftermath

My vote does not automatically betoken disaster. The Cambridge election yesterday bears that out — somewhat. Why, Henrietta Davis, my No. 3 vote for city council, was re-elected, […]

Election Day

Don’t I feel like an idiot. Trying to rate and rank Cambridge candidates by reading the Cambridge Chronicle (unsatisfying, disjointed factoids), gathering brochures (self-serving, uncritical mush) or consulting […]

Election eve

Cambridge elections are tomorrow, with responsible decision making complicated as usual in a place where the political spectrum usually ranges between Left and A Little Further to the […]