Galvin Square

Instead of complaining about Porter Square, perhaps it makes more sense to secede. Thanks to the city’s endless gratitude for soldiers and firefighters, there is no shortage of […]

Cooking some feud

My lazy conjecture about Felipe’s Taqueria, the newest tenant in Harvard Square’s Garage mall, was that it was an Anna’s Taqueria in disguise — to keep its higher […]

Poorer Square

Work began this week on improvements to street-level elements of the Porter Square T stop, the beginning of not-dramatic-enough changes to the square itself. Typical of Porter (which […]

Funk off

Cambridge has been annexed by The Improper Bostonian in its “30 Reasons Why We Love Boston,” a list that includes Harvard Square. Before you start whining that Harvard […]

The setting

Cambridge, while not heaven on earth, can be intoxicating in its own little way. Part of feeling that way about where you live is feeling that where you […]

Add it up

This outsourcing stuff is exasperating, and there’s a lot out there to be exasperated by. Among the latest wrinkles: a class on outsourcing rushed together at the Massachusetts […]

Sweet deal

As the Parmalat scandal hints, and the World Economic Forum going on in Davos, Switzerland, has just confirmed, European businesses are just as feckless and prone to illegality […]

Tabula errata

It is sad to see the death of Porter Square’s famed Long Funeral Service. It never failed to raise a smile, funeral home though it was, and for […]