Walsh brothers return for holiday comedy show

The Walsh brothers, whose Great & Secret Show became a years-long highlight of the Cambridge comedy scene, return Wednesday to the East Coast for their annual holiday visit. According to David Walsh, their only scheduled time on stage is Sunday as hosts of the Comedy Studio’s Christmas Party.

With ‘Quiet Desperation,’ comedy show, album, it turns out life is a reality sitcom

Life and art in the local comedy and music scene are chasing around imitating each other in such a tight, fierce circle that you can expect a tornado to tear through town any day now. Alternate Mondays at the Sleepover comedy show, viewings of “Quiet Desperation” online and the excellent Super Time Pilot album and you can become a bit player in a unique experiment in theater in the round.

Open-mic nightmare

Some of the most excruciating hours of my life have been spent watching open mic comedy nights. Years later, I distinctly recall the horrible trapped feeling: sinking in […]