Unfree market

The United States is essentially a captive market for drug makers, which sell drugs at dramatically lower costs everywhere else and rely on profits here to make up […]

Animal House

Search via Google for “Cambridge events” and you’ll find a slightly confusing “Cambridge in America” headline and a much more reassuring “cantab.org” link. Reassuring because it’s obviously the […]

Cooking some feud

My lazy conjecture about Felipe’s Taqueria, the newest tenant in Harvard Square’s Garage mall, was that it was an Anna’s Taqueria in disguise — to keep its higher […]

Funk off

Cambridge has been annexed by The Improper Bostonian in its “30 Reasons Why We Love Boston,” a list that includes Harvard Square. Before you start whining that Harvard […]

The setting

Cambridge, while not heaven on earth, can be intoxicating in its own little way. Part of feeling that way about where you live is feeling that where you […]

Election eve

Cambridge elections are tomorrow, with responsible decision making complicated as usual in a place where the political spectrum usually ranges between Left and A Little Further to the […]

Porter Square

Reading Dawn Powell’s “The Locusts Have No King,” specifically the section in which she describes Rubberleg Square, provoked jealousy. So lively. Such a personality this square has, such […]

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