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Cambridgeport School bench plants peaceful place at start of school year

Cambridgeport School bench plants peaceful place at start of school year

To kick off the school year with a reminder of the values of bridge-building and reflection, the Cambridgeport School dedicated a combination garden planter and bench designed by parent Alex van Praagh.

Gargoyle watches over neighborhood left behind

    Many may be familiar with Disney’s rendition of the gargoyle archetype from the cartoon version of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”: singing and dancing demonic effigies befriending social pariahs from cathedral roofs. This is a rather campy view of these figures, which are normally used to ward off other creatures that go bump […]

Portrait of a dragon descending guards Porter Square property

  Within filmmaker Dave Lewis’ eclectic art collection is a large dragon’s head descending from the stairwell of his studio apartment, clawed talons wrapped around the ledge of the ceiling, making the creature seem on the verge of pulling the rest of its body downward. Though the dragon is inside Lewis’ apartment and usually difficult […]

Window knickknacks give peek into couple’s life

Perhaps recently, on one of your last midafternoon walks of the season, you’ve ambled down past Longfellow Park toward the Charles and happened upon an ash-blue house that somehow catches your eye. It takes a second glance before figuring out what made you skip that step, but there you notice an odd but attractive assortment […]

Sculpture surprised, but now it pleases

A stone’s throw from mundane Star Market on Elm Street, in a well-tended garden, there is a form of pure energy and stainless steel lifting from the earth in a graceful arc of flight. Ayn Rose, owner of “ Torso,” hopes people will view the piece as a reflection of what she does at the […]