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Greyhound can’t explain large fee added to bus ticket

What does a $22 one-way Greyhound bus ticket cost? If you’re paying your own way and you guessed $22, you’re right. But if someone is paying for you, or if you’re paying for someone else, a $22 ticket costs $40.

MassHealth suffers attention-to-details deficit disorder

I’ve had an amazing time on the phone today with MassHealth, the state agency that provides required health care to the needy. And by amazing, I mean pretty bad. Lacking a full-time job, my primary income is Connecticut unemployment benefits, and I thought it was kind of enervating but reasonable that the state wanted proof […]

Two twists on traditions

What are we eating this year? Groceries and specialty stores unique to the area say this Thanksgiving the traditional foods predominate — with little twists. “Turkeys, of course, fresh and organic,” lists Chris Durkin, at The Harvest Co-op in Central Square. “Potatoes and squash, Tofurky, chestnuts, pecans, lots of rice. Artisan breads. Pies from The […]

Gargoyle watches over neighborhood left behind

    Many may be familiar with Disney’s rendition of the gargoyle archetype from the cartoon version of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”: singing and dancing demonic effigies befriending social pariahs from cathedral roofs. This is a rather campy view of these figures, which are normally used to ward off other creatures that go bump […]

Gift idea whose time has come (at the last minute)

Gift certificates were the big trend in holiday presents last year, and many moaned that they were insensitive, thoughtless and uncreative. If the gift givers really cared, the thinking went, they would put more thought into what they gave, make it more personal. You know, the spirit of the holidays and whatnot. Well, it just […]

Heroin traffickers drive around laws

Heroin is here, and it’s cheap. The people of Inman Square say they can see it every day, in the form of needles left in bathrooms, open-air drug sales and loiterers from the nearby methadone clinic, which, like many others in the area, is full to capacity, unable to take one more patient until another […]