Husam “Sam” Azzam must surely be Cambridge’s most loathed developer. For a one-time building inspector, he has a remarkable amount of trouble on zoning issues. Having just settled […]

Back to square one

There is progress, however small, on the plan to revamp the blighted Lafayette Square, named in honor of a French nobleman who probably thought he’d get a little […]

Squares squared

Galvin Square, where I live, isn’t as great as I thought. Now that I’m paying more attention to the tiny honorary areas along Massachusetts Avenue, I notice that […]

Galvin Square

Instead of complaining about Porter Square, perhaps it makes more sense to secede. Thanks to the city’s endless gratitude for soldiers and firefighters, there is no shortage of […]

Poorer Square

Work began this week on improvements to street-level elements of the Porter Square T stop, the beginning of not-dramatic-enough changes to the square itself. Typical of Porter (which […]

Porter Square

Reading Dawn Powell’s “The Locusts Have No King,” specifically the section in which she describes Rubberleg Square, provoked jealousy. So lively. Such a personality this square has, such […]

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