Friday, May 24, 2024

Matt Nelson, challenger for one of nine City Council seats in the Nov. 8 election, has a new endorser for his campaign: the state’s Sierra Club.

“Matt is one of the strongest voices on climate change in the city,” said Phil Sego, the state group’s political chairman. “Building the local economy and working to reduce climate change are synonymous, and Matt has a solid record of experience in both.”

This puts Nelson in good company. Also endorsed by the state club in Cambridge is Henrietta Davis, whose campaign for the council he managed in 2007; Craig Kelley; Sam Seidel; Denise Simmons; Tim Toomey; and Minka vanBeuzekom.

Nelson’s campaign materials promote “more responsible eco-friendly transportation,” such as bicycles and the need to incorporate even more of them safely into city use, and his wish to:

Expand the availability of fresh, affordable produce to all Cambridge residents through neighborhood farmers markets and increased awareness and access to CSA farm shares. We also need to ensure that EBT cards and SNAP food stamps are accepted at both farmers markets and CSAs — currently Cambridge has only one farmers markets that does so.