Thursday, July 18, 2024

Harvard Square Eye Care is moving to Davis Square from its 18 White St. location in Porter Square. It’s not confusing at all. (Photo: Marc Levy)

Close observers of local business could have seen this one coming:

With its office space potentially being torn down to become an apartment building, Harvard Square Eye Care is moving to Davis Square … from Porter Square.

Work preparing the new space at 198 Elm St. North, at the very edge of Cambridge, is under way, according to renovation plans shown Thursday. It means more space for the small chain, which also has storefronts at 19 Dunster St. in Harvard Square and 495 Massachusetts Ave. in Central Square.

Davis Square’s 1,515 square feet and basement space offers more room than the current office at 18 White St. in Porter Square, which offers only 1,124 square feet — and in the next six months could get approval from the Cambridge Historical Commission to be razed and turned into a 9,977-square-foot tower with eight apartments.

The eye care office will follow Stellabella Toys, which is due to open next door at 196 Elm St. North in early September after moving from 1967 Massachusetts Ave. in Porter Square, a building that is said to be nearing a sale that could also result in its demolition.

When Harvard Square Eye Care opens in Davis Square, it will be only a block from Porter Square Veterinarian in Davis Square, at 360 Summer St.