Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Cambridge Residents Alliance citizens group is hosting presentations on “Defending affordable housing” from 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday at St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 239 Harvard St.

The presenters are described by the alliance as:

Richard Krushnic, a career community development professional mainly in Boston’s Neighborhood Development Department, who is planning to speak on preserving existing nonpublic affordable housing and the developer Forest City’s commitments in University Park, “fulfilled and not”;

Bill Cunningham, who is on the board of the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants representing public housing and voucher tenants and plans to speak on “federal budget cuts and the crisis facing public housing authorities” and the Cambridge Housing Authority’s crisis strategies;

Barbara Taggart, a local business owner, who plans to speak on the history of University Park and the Simplex Steering Committee, of which she is a member;

Charles Teague, the resident behind three changes to city zoning, who plans to speak on the inclusionary housing zoning requirement and whether developers provide the entire required 15 percent.

For information, send e-mail to [email protected].