Sunday, April 21, 2024

020813fi-Carl-SciortinoFrom the Carl Sciortino campaign, Oct. 2: Katherine Patrick, daughter of Gov. Deval Patrick, endorsed Carl Sciortino in his race for Congress in the 5th District, citing his work as a progressive legislator and an LGBT leader.

“This is the first campaign I have gotten to endorse in … other than my dad’s,” Patrick said. “I’m backing Carl Sciortino for Congress, not only because of his work on LGBT rights, but also because of his work as a progressive leader. His work on the Buffer Zone Law, closing corporate tax loopholes and supporting a much-needed generational investment in our state’s infrastructure are just a few of the many reasons why Carl Sciortino is going to make a great Congressman.”

Patrick, in her statement, also talked about the story of Sciortino’s first campaign:

Too often LGBT Americans are told they can’t have the same rights as everyone else. But when Carl heard this from the mouth of his own state representative, he decided to take on this 14-year incumbent in the 2004 Democratic primary. And though he and his volunteers were called terrible slurs in one of the most homophobic campaigns Massachusetts has ever seen, Carl beat him by 93 votes and took his spot in the State House. Carl’s got guts, and he will always stand up for his values.

“I’m proud to have Katherine Patrick’s support in this race – and not just because she’s a great campaigner,” Sciortino said. “In the midst of a government shutdown it is clear that we need progressive leaders who will stand up to the NRA, the tea party and those who would take away women’s rights. I’m running for Congress to help build the national progressive movement.”