Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Kill Matilda, a female-fronted dance-punk trio, has been on the road for six months. Its last show before heading back to Vancouver?

The Cantab in Central Square.

“We came from Canada to participate in the American rock ’n’ roll dream of endless touring and heading south for the winter,” band leader Dusty Exner said. “We’ve broken into the U.S. market by putting together a powerhouse six-month tour that has exposed us to almost every major music market.”

021915i-Kill-MatildaIs this show for you? There’s a quick, three-part test. First comes in the form of the video above and whether you enjoy it; second is knowing that the band is touring behind an album called #PUNK#ZOMBIE#ROCKNROLL; the final test is seeing if you approve of how the band’s management describes Kill Matilda – as being “all about slaying zombies, drinking beer, sweating profusely and rocking the hell out.”

But wait, there’s a bonus question. Because Kill Matilda is not just sweaty, sexy, zombie-hunting dance punkers. Exner is also a serious thinker about art and commerce who has challenged herself, fellow musicians and every supporter of the arts to make this the Year of the Artist.

“What does this mean?” Exner wrote in a blog post late last year. “It’s harder and harder to get people to find value in paying $5 to $10 for a live show when the weather’s nasty and you can just stay home and watch Netflix. This doesn’t even take into account that in 1992, the cost of a live show was $5; in 2014, it’s still $5. The cost of everything, the value of everything else has gone up, but not art and music.”

So Exner has a manifesto of sorts:

In 2015, I challenge you to make supporting art part of your life. I’ve created a few challenges that we can all participate in that will make a noticeable difference in our culture. Check out what I’ve written … follow @yearoftheartist on Twitter, and share #yearoftheartist #savemusic #saveart. Turn this blog into a grassroots movement for art. Share, enjoy, pay for your art. Choose one of the following suggestions below and do one a month – just one a month! Make this year a fun amazing year of discovery in the arts and help us #saveart and #savemusic.

Here are her 12 challenges, one for each month is whatever order you choose:

  1. Discover a new contemporary author or poet, buy their work and share with your friends!
  2. Go see a play. Tell your friends or bring your friends!
  3. Go see a touring band. Buy their merch. Bring your friends, and tell your friends about it after!
  4. Follow a music or art blog of your choice. Share it!
  5. Go to your city’s International Film Festival. Bring your friends, or tell your friends!
  6. Go to a smaller, local film festival in your city. Bring your friends, and tell your friends!
  7. Go to a major music festival like NXNE or Sled Island. Tell your friends which artists you liked best!
  8. Go to a smaller indie festival in your city like Music Waste in Vancouver or Fattal Fest in Montreal. Bring your friends. Tell your friends about the awesome bands you saw!
  9. Go see a comedy show of local comedians. Bring your friends. Tell your friends!
  10. Buy a piece of art for your home. Share about it online!
  11. Discover a new graphic novel or comic. Buy it. Share it with your friends!
  12. Go to an art gallery. Take your friends, and tell your friends!

You can read the whole piece here. And you can see Kill Matilda at Cafe Bohemia at The Cantab Lounge, 738 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, as part of a four-band bill with Blood Knife, Psychic Dog and Band Without Hands. The price of admission? It’s $8, or $2 per band.