Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Thoughts while shavingSo I’m just watching the morning news and a story comes on regarding leaving your child in a hot car, or even forgetting the kid in the car. One woman says to put a shoe in the back seat so when you get out you’ll remember to check, and there’s an interview with people from some company trying to develop an app or device to add onto your phone so as not to forget the kid.

WTF is wrong with you people? If you’re too stupid to remember the kid, walking with one shoe sounds like something you do every day anyway.

What to put in the backseat? Let me makes some suggestions for men and women. Try this: two shoes, pants and underwear, glasses, cellphone, mascara, how about that battery-operated item you can’t leave home without, Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, a pack of cigarettes, blue pills … I can go on forever.

Listen to this: Look in the fucking back seat when you get out, you dope.

Frank Pasquarello was a police officer for 33 years, serving as president of Cambridge’s Police Patrol Officers’ Association and then as the Cambridge Police Department public information officer from 1993 to his retirement in 2010. This piece is adopted from opinions and “Thoughts while shaving” that he posts on Facebook.