Monday, June 24, 2024

Our Revolution-Cambridge stands in solidarity with the Cambridge Carnival International.

The City of Cambridge canceled the 2019 Cambridge Carnival International at the last minute, without consulting the organizers of the Carnival, its vendors, artists, performers and other participants. The Carnival is an important Cambridge institution that celebrates its Caribbean-American communities and heritage. The failure to include the Carnival’s organizers and participants in discussions about potential threats to public safety was disrespectful to the people who have been successfully organizing the Carnival for almost 30 years.

In making decisions about events, the city must take responsibility for including people and groups who belong to the cultures being celebrated and who have great experience and knowledge in planning and implementing successful festivities. In America today, where institutional racism is still dominant, we must avoid decisions that echo historic patterns.

We support the effort to assure the continuing success in 2020 and beyond of this treasured celebration of Caribbean-American culture.

Henry H. Wortis, Our Revolution-Cambridge