Monday, July 22, 2024

My rent took up 93 percent of my disability income – and then the landlord raised it. I had reached out to various City Council members.

I will never forget getting the phone call and hearing Dan Totten’s voice: “I think we’ve figured out a way for you to stay in your apartment.”

I became disabled later in life and never in a million years would have imagined becoming homeless or needing public assistance. Every day I am profoundly grateful to Dan for my quality of life – being able to stay in my apartment and live in a walkable city with access to public transportation to reach medical providers so I can live an independent life, being a humble steward to my community and planet.

My being able to live independently in Cambridge is due to his commitment and perseverance. Dan has my No. 1 vote in the Nov. 7 election not only for his compassion, but for his dedication to solve complex problems that others did not take on.

Catherine LeBlanc, Cambridgeport