Raccoons are smart, adaptable and can thrive whether in farms, forests, wetlands or cities

Wolf spiders can be very fast and grow very big, but they live to hunt cockroaches and other pests

Great spangled fritillaries depend on the violet and are another reason to leave leaf litter alone

Forget the honeybee; Leafcutters deserve acclaim as better pollinators and cleverer crafters of nests

Great egrets were hunted for great aigrettes, leading to near extinction and great regrets

Mosquitoes may deserve more understanding, but we still have advice on avoiding these pests

Bald-faced hornets are gigantic and fearsome, able to sting and survive in defending their nest

Bullfrogs can and will eat almost anything, getting big enough that we then eat them

You can go observe the endearing Atlantic puffin, but time may be running out for the breed and us

The Cooper’s hawk is great hunter of other birds, but reputation as ‘blood-thirsty villain’ is unfair