From teeth to tail, opossums are so unusual playing dead is truly the least of it

If you’ve heard that blue jays are smart, it’s true; if you’ve heard that they’re blue, you’re mistaken

Eastern gray squirrels are an urban success story, foraging in peace with other breeds and humans

Nobody asked the songbirds if they wanted a job, and that’s why America fought the Sparrow War

Great blue herons are certainly a sight to behold, and we’ve got a dozen to behold near Alewife T

Though a harbinger of spring, American robins can use amazing insulating power to winter here

How downy woodpeckers work without harm will amaze you. (It involves a very long tongue.)

Fierce bald eagles were feared to snatch babies, but are vulnerable to hunters, DDT and turbines

Groundhogs are a terrible predictor of weather, scourge to farmers and yet a benefit to medicine

Mute swans, big, voracious, elegant and smart, may have survived through status as a royal meal