Chickadees are little, but you wouldn’t know it from appetite for caterpillars and other insects

Look close in winter thickets for a mockingbird, imitator of sounds from alarms to barking dogs

Red-tailed hawks survived bounties and DDT era and now are at home swooping around city skies

A tufted titmouse might fly in to steal your hair, plucking it while you sleep to help build a nest

We like our wild turkeys, and not just as a dinner, and can coexist if we stop feeding them like pets

There really are fewer chipmunks this autumn, for reasons less cute than the critters themselves

Herring gulls have clever tricks and adaptations that feed it well on worms, rats, our french fries

Our coyotes will try to avoid encountering people but feast on rats (and maybe Lyme-ridden mice)

Common buckeye butterflies like the Northeast much more with climate change warming us up

Appreciate our common Eastern bumblebees, because our colonies are fewer and still at risk