Thursday, July 18, 2024

Board decision backs Eversource and Cambridge against MIT for massive substation, cable project

Mystic Ave. industrial area unfriendly to walkers is exempted from a requirement for green space

Paid legal notices for Cambridge for June 13-20

When Jefferson Park’s homes open after remake, 30% of units won’t have local-preference tenants

Bank is asked to forgive some of a loan to Neville, a nursing home, and has cause: Lack of collateral

The Door Store, open since 1959, says it’s closing after financial issues and challenge from parking

Investor group is leading Comedy Studio forward for opening in July after founder Jenkins resigns

Charlie’s Kitchen is taking on new operators: Team behind The Cornerstone in Somerville

Paid legal notices for Cambridge for June 6-13

A national theater crisis has lingered since Covid, while Cambridge builds commitment to the stage