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Somerville staff missed inspection of its Armory, leaving the arts building without its sole elevator

The Armory building in Somerville has lacked an elevator for two months, which tenants say violates disabilities access requirements and is another example of the city’s inability to manage the building acquired last year through eminent domain.

Foundry ribbon-cutting gives the city a glimpse of $46 million project that opens in September

While the Foundry 101 building opens to the public in September, major construction is finished and residents were allowed to walk through the first floor of the refurbished building Wednesday at a ribbon-cutting, visiting spaces within where creation will take place.


Gunfire disrupts Central Square holiday weekend; Sixth shots-fired incident of 2022 was victimless

Police are looking for a suspect in a gunfire incident that took place at Massachusetts Avenue and Douglass Street, Central Square, at approximately 2:55 p.m. Sunday. A photo release by police shows what appears to be a young man in black and red athletic apparel.

Attend meetings on acting city manager term, remaking CHA-owned housing at 116 Norfolk  

Public meetings this week look at pinning down a contract for the acting city manager, Owen O’Riordan, and the reconfiguration of a Cambridge Housing Authority building in The Port into 62 studio apartments from 37 single-room-occupancy units.

Judge rejects group’s call to freeze bike lanes, allowing city to continue installation for now (updated)

A call to stop work immediately on new protected bike lanes in Cambridge and turn existing lanes back into parking spaces was rejected Friday by Middlesex County Superior Court judge John Pappas.

Cambridge Day
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A century ago, the Fourth of July was a chance to meld old and new traditions

In Cambridge and other cities, the Fourth of July was sometimes a “Pageant of Nations” that featured immigrants celebrating their country of origin while emphasizing their patriotism as assimilated Americans.


Thanks for the Watertown-Cambridge Greenway (but let’s keep learning lessons that’ll perfect it)

Despite having been (officially) open for only a few months, the greenway has no shortage of regulars. I consider this project a tremendous success, but not one without some lessons learned.

Making conservation district for East Cambridge would be a step in addressing development crises

We’re seeing more reckless development in East Cambridge in which high quality and permanence don’t seem to matter any longer and climate problems and income disparity are exacerbated. A conservation district can be a step in the right direction in counteracting the incessant destruction.

Cambridge has the power to build climate justice, and must use it

Understanding just how monumental the climate crisis is can be paralyzing, but that fear obscures the truth of our own power. Some of the biggest changes in our country’s history have started with grassroots activism.

Arts + Culture

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville, from Frederick Douglass to ‘Men of Steel’ dance

In a look ahead at a week of Cambridge and Somerville events, there’s a Frederick Douglass Community Reading but also a Smut Slam (and male dance revue), a Family Game Night but also a look at “True Stories of Grifters, Killers, Rebels and Crooks,” lots of music and poetry, a free screening of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and historical tours.

Film Ahead

Go Fourth with ‘Glory,’ road trip with ‘Pee-wee,’ then see if ‘Marcel,’ ‘Gru’ & Co. are worth a visit

These looks at what’s on screens in the coming week include a selection for this Fourth of July holiday in “Glory”; repertory selections such as “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” and more at The Brattle, Harvard Film Archive and Somerville Theatre; and new releases including “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On,” “The Sea Beast” and “The Princess.”

Wild Things

Eastern garter snakes have a skunklife defense and other surprises, but don’t worry about a bite

The state reptile of Massachusetts is the harmless garter snake – well, mostly harmless – which is an easy one to distinguish because of three yellowish stripes that run the length of their dark bodies. They have some unusual-seeming birthing and defense methods, and that forked tongue has some remarkable aspects as well.


Jazz Festival announces July 30-31 dates, expecting 10,000 in return to in-person

The Seventh Annual Cambridge Jazz Festival will be held the weekend of July 30-31, returning after a two-year interruption with headliners Eguie Castrillo and his orchestra and Chelsey Green and The Green Project.


‘Apples’: Trudging with a to-do list down Memory Lane

Set in Athens during a time like ours, an outbreak causes the infected’s memory to be permanently erased. But we begin to wonder if our protagonist is truly affected by the disease or if he’s running away from a trauma in his past.


‘Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song’: Chorus of approval for an all too present tune

Columbia Records, Leonard Cohen’s label, chose not to release the 1984 album that featured “ Hallelujah,” claiming it wouldn’t sell. In defiance of that, be warned: In this film you’ll see the song performed many, many times by many, many artists.