Attend meetings on easing way for businesses, real estate transfer fee, two new eateries, more

Alewife rezoning is still riddled with questions, risking approval despite bridge, housing, retail

Attend meetings on condo conversion fee idea, neighbor groups, Envision goals, Alewife plan

Attend meetings on campaign finance reforms; hiring an interim schools superintendent; more

Attend meetings on single-family zoning law, snow removal, MIT dorm plan, Palmer Street

Attend meetings on a 10-year infrastructure plan, project’s affordable units, superintendent search

Attend meetings on legalized magic mushrooms, delivery-driven street name change, green roofs (updated)

Attend meetings on adding 4 acres of open space; coronavirus vaccines; in-person learning; more 

Attend meetings on end to single-family zoning; starting outdoor education; new diner in Central

Watch meetings on more money for Covid aid; Central Square apartments; and Jerry’s Pond