The best of Cambridge in 2020

The Top 10 Films of 2020

Coronavirus edition, XLII: The ends of the Earth, then back to North Adams to explore Mass MoCa

Choice of artists for Canal District Kendall work paints a subtle connection with Central Square

The Hungry Urbanist: Baked goods from Bondir embody bond of food sellers and neighborhoods

What he’s having: Slabs of smoked salmon

Coronavirus edition, XLI: Films to shelter with say that ‘I’m Your Woman,’ but it’s ‘His House’

What he’s having: Eternally fresh croissants from La Saison Bakery, new and in demand

‘Let Them All Talk’: A supposedly fun thing that’ll keep you diverted until the unpacking

This weekend is the free ‘Good Riddance 2020’ you’ve been waiting for from Historical Society