Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Image: Biljana Jovanovic via Pixabay

It’s in this stretch between Christmas and New Year’s that we get serious about thinking over the past months and the time ahead. For me, for at least a few years, that’s meant thinking about what’s happened throughout Cambridge since the past Jan. 1, because those things often hold lessons that can be used in the future or are parts of patterns that are useful to see. (And sometimes they’re just things that demand recognition.)

The year-in-review approach is a useful exercise for anyone, of course, whether it’s personal or public. This year, before I write and post online, I’m inviting everyone to take part in my public process as I sift through news and memories, reminding me of the best and worst of Cambridge over the course of 2020. Some of these reminders I may use directly; some may just be a useful part of the thought process. Some may not make the top five I try to stick with, but fall into the category of runner-ups or honorable mentions. I may want to quote some directly; if you contribute your thoughts but would prefer not to be quoted, let me know.

Cambridge Day would also be happy to post people’s own lists, rather than just as part of a larger undertaking (though this is always an option for people who want to contribute an essay, open letter or letter to the editor).

Send me reminders about the best and worst of 2020 to [email protected].

Anyone who wants to see their own bests or worsts of 2020 posted can send email to [email protected]. 

Happy holidays.