Police add details to arrest caught on video, glossing over the involvement of a passerby

Police had more information Tuesday on an arrest caught on video over the weekend, but its report all but ignores an aspect debated by city councillors: the passerby whom police allowed to take part.

Nursing homes’ vax rates leap before deadline, while city manager resists mandate at City Hall

Two weeks before the deadline for Massachusetts nursing homes to have all employees fully vaccinated against Covid-19, the staff vaccination rate at one city facility shot up to 99 percent from 77 percent. Meanwhile, Cambridge doesn’t appear closer to requiring vaccination for its employees.

Video of Central Square incident raises questions, including role of a passerby taking part in arrest

A passerby leaped from his car to join police officers in a confrontation with a man in Central Square on Sunday, and city councillors say they are awaiting an official version of events to understand what happened.


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Saturday: ‘Food and Mending in Central Square’ guided tour shows how neighbors come together

History Cambridge’s guided tour about “Food and Mending in Central Square,” led by grad students from Boston University’s gastronomy program, will show how the sharing of ethnic cuisines helped raise awareness and understanding of the area’s cultural mosaic.

Is Cambridge construction getting Worcester?

The long arm of the City of Worcester stretches all the way to construction at the O’Connell Library in East Cambridge.


Support enhancing bike safety and bus priority along a stretch of North Massachusetts Avenue

Looking back on my two terms on the City Council, I am most proud of the work I did to advance bike safety and sustainable “mode shift” in Cambridge, and I am troubled by some fierce opposition to installing quick-build bike lanes along a part of North Massachusetts Avenue.

It is critical to choose bold, pro-worker leaders for Cambridge in this election

Working families need the support of our elected leaders, and that starts by standing with our unions. The Greater Boston Labor Council has found five City Council candidates to endorse in the November election.

McGovern picks up the phone to constituents, and this one will rank him No. 1 on the ballot

Without hesitation, Marc McGovern was by our side, helping us by making phone calls, providing us with resources and being a voice of reason in the midst of chaos.


Comedy Studio is temporarily at home in Vera’s but pinning down details for a long-term space

The Comedy Studio has relocated from Bow Market to Vera’s restaurant and bar within Somerville’s Union Square, where leaders say they plan to be for the next year while they negotiate a bigger space in the Cambridge-Somerville area.

What We're Having

A classic (vegetarian) burger at PlantPub

PlantPub is a cool little eatery in Kendall Square with a select beer and vino menu and satiating comfort food such as burgers, fried chicken sandwiches and pizzas – with no meat anywhere.


Moonbox’s Harvard Square ‘Rocky Horror’ show is a relit ‘Light in the Darkness’ through October

“Rocky Horror” combines 1950s science fiction, pre-slasher “B” horror movies and a tale of sexual awakenings set to a rock ’n’ roll score, delivering musical theater lovers their first full-scale musical in Greater Boston since the pandemic began. It’s a much-needed blast of full-throttle exuberance.

Film Ahead

So many festival screens to watch, led by IFFB; and reviews of ‘Escape From Mogadishu,’ more

These reviews of what’s on the big screen and streaming include offerings from the Independent Film Festival Boston, GlobeDocs, The DocYard and Revolutions Per Minute, as well as glimpses at “Escape From Mogadishu,” “Halloween Kills,” “Fever Dream” and “The Velvet Underground.”


The Cantab nears a reopening with band slate that brings Chicken Slacks back to Thursdays

The Cantab Lounge will reopen either the week before or after Thanksgiving, returning the Central Square mainstay to public life after being closed some 20 months. When the Cantab reopens, it will pick up where it left off – with The Chicken Slacks performing every Thursday.

Wild Things

Appreciate our common Eastern bumblebees, because our colonies are fewer and still at risk

Common Eastern bumblebees are still buzzing around our fall asters and goldenrods, serving to warn us of a collapsing ecosystem: Over the past hundred years, the number of bumblebee species in Massachusetts has declined to seven from 11. And three of those seven are in danger.