Educators near a possible vote of no confidence for officials, administration over Covid approach

Cambridge’s teachers union members agreed overwhelmingly to study a vote of no confidence against superintendent Kenneth Salim, his administration and the School Committee on the same day Salim issued his resignation, according to sources within the group.

Attend meetings on new approach to policing; below-market homeownership; Google signs

Public meetings this week look at changing policing to be more community-centered; school Covid-19 issues and action against insurrectionists; pinning down details on a domestic partnership law; and below-market homeownership resulting from utility zoning.   

In-person classes would see expansion March 1 in district’s proposal, with time to tweak details

Expanding in-person learning in public schools from the current 1,604 students has a new target date of March 1, the district superintendent told School Committee members Tuesday.

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Businesses Well Lived: Starting with three stories in which decades of work ended amid a pandemic

The Cambridge Historical Society and Cambridge Local First have joined forces to find out how the pandemic has affected small businesses, starting with City Girl Café, Harding House and Joie de Vivre.


Many have contributed money to Cambridge Day; Here’s what their generosity has made possible

We promised to use contributors’ money to maintain, expand and improve Cambridge Day – and though it’s still a work in progress, it’s only in progress because of those contributions.

At 2072 Massachusetts Ave. project, we sacrifice one affordable housing community for another

Russell Apartments residents know the value of affordable housing; it is a lifesaver for our community members who could not otherwise afford to live in Cambridge. But the residential building proposed for next door would sacrifice our affordable housing community for its own.

Lower residential project along Walden Street and let the nine stories remain on Mass. Ave.

It’s time for compromise on the proposed affordable housing at 2072 Massachusetts Ave. – approve the height (nine stories) along Massachusetts Avenue and reduce the height by one story (to five) at the step-down along Walden.


The Left Bank of the Charles Review, a quarterly, is free to savor online, but it’s not free of the past

The first issue of The Left Bank of the Charles Review arrived with the new year, promised quarterly by Joseph Levendusky – a traveler, lover of music, left-leaning political critic and sitter in cafés.

Arts + CultureFilmFilm Ahead

Coronavirus edition, XLVI: Films to shelter with, peaking with Brattle gems and ‘Cool Hand Luke’

This coronavirus edition of movies to shelter with includes some highlights of the art streaming at the “Brattlelite,” the antihero classic “Cool Hand Luke” and a bunch of others, including a Liam Neeson misfire, a pretty weepie and some sci-fi curiosities.


‘Outside the Wire’: If they survive their mission, do androids dream of military pensions?

On-the-job training for a drone pilot thrust into hand-to-hand warfare at times calls to mind the hazing Denzel Washington laid down on Ethan Hawke in “Training Day” – except that the lone wolf special op played by Anthony Mackie isn’t human.

Arts + Culture

The Urbanist: If we got a real estate transfer fee, dream would be funding housing design contest

Overall, planning has been fitful and opaque here, with developers nurturing political connections to city councillors in exchange for approval of projects on an ad hoc basis. What if we leveraged our strengths toward a better approach?

Food + Drink

What he’s having: Grilled cheese, tomato bisque and a host of other treats from new Café Beatrice

Between two thick, golden slices of airy sourdough oozed mild, aged cheddar. It was simple and needed nothing else. No mustard. No nothing. I ate outside and I ate it fast, not because it was cold, but because it was that good.


Events for 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, most online, show leader’s continuing impact

Commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be different this year as a result of the coronavirus, but there is still plenty going on.