Business + Money

Someone paid a premium to get One Canal Park, and there are updates on 1,070 more apartments

A life science developer paid $130 million for One Canal Park in East Cambridge, up from its $72 million value five years ago, while construction continues on 1,070 more residential units for Cambridge and a seller makes around $56.4 million on two properties.

Feminist Bodega pop-up led by Viv For Your V will pack shelves with woman-owned brands

Boston-based Viv For Your V, which ships its environmentally conscious menstruation products to people’s homes, is planning a bricks-and-mortar Feminist Bodega pop-up shop for August, including goods from a woman-owned business in North Cambridge.


With coronavirus Delta variant infections rising, vaccine mandates are getting new consideration

The Cambridge Housing Authority is “strongly considering” requiring employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 when it reopens offices fully, and Cambridge’s hospitals are looking at requirements as well.

Firefighters are hospitalized briefly in a dorm fire from chemicals burns; Search of the river follows (updated)

Firefighters went Wednesday from an overnight chemical fire that left 12 of them hospitalized to a rescue in the Charles River by the Boston University Bridge and a Main Street construction accident.

Police commissioner Bard is leaving Cambridge to be a vice president at John Hopkins University

Police commissioner Branville G. Bard Jr. is leaving the Cambridge Police Department to become vice president for public safety at Johns Hopkins University, where he will lead a 1,200-person security and safety operation for the university and health system enterprise.

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We’ve seen eight historical waves of migration, but Cambridge’s ninth will be more complicated

Why do people uproot their lives, move far from friends and family and suffer the indignities that often come with being “new” to a place? There are themes that play out time and again and together form the story of a city, from Native Americans onward.

The Agassiz neighborhood starred in ‘Love Story’ alongside Ryan O’Neal, Ali MacGraw and Harvard

Throughout “Love Story,” viewers can glimpse Cambridge before urban renewal, cellphones and personal computers, and much of the film’s visual honesty comes from director Arthur Hiller’s portrayal of star-crossed lovers’ newlywed life in the Agassiz neighborhood (before gentrification).


Eleven starting points for easing youth violence

What can be done about recent youth violence in Cambridge? It is important that we discuss specific responses that can immediately begin to address the economic disenfranchisement and the social disconnect of many 17- to 30-year-olds.

Holistic Emergency Alternative Response Team shows how a community can work well together

I am eager to see the Cambridge we can build together – a Cambridge that is better and stronger for all of us, that centers our most affected community members and that listens deeply to their voices. The Heart program is the affirmation of life and community that we are building together.

Students at the Tobin VLUS schools would benefit with the rest of us from keeping stately oak trees

This tree debate has been framed in the false binary terms that so many political debates are these days, pitting the public benefits of a modern new school and park complex against the environmental benefits of preserving healthy, mature trees.

Food + Drink

Project Restore Us adds 150 families to its work delivering culturally appropriate food support

Project Restore Us, launched last year by restaurateurs Tracy Chang of Pagu and Irene Li of Mâe Asian Eatery, has expanded by partnering with the Asian American Resource Workshop and Vietnamese American Initiative for Development.


‘The Green Knight’: Arthurian odyssey, updated

David Lowery’s cinematic adaptation of the late 14th century Middle English chivalric romance is a hypnotic wonderment and one of the best films – if not the best – of the year so far.

What He's Having

Dinner made by robots at Spyce

Spyce’s “infinite kitchen” looks like something from Disney World’s Tomorrowland, a series of silos with prepped and precooked foods such as rice, quinoa, beets, corn and cucumber slices.


Taking orders from TikTok kids, vintage stores are selling through stock from the ’80s and ’90s

Gen Zers’ fervor for ’80s and ’90s fashion helps determine what makes it onto the racks of secondhand clothing shops in Cambridge and Somerville, but not as a result of the latest issues of Teen Vogue or posts from fashion websites. It’s the video app TikTok driving much of the style.

Film Ahead

More of the best of 2020 screens at The Brattle, and ‘Joe Bell’ tours with ‘Steps,’ ‘Old’ and more

These reviews of what’s in theaters and streaming include Brattle rewinds of “Dick Johnson is Dead,” “Black Bear” and “The Sound of Metal” as well as stuff new to screen, even if it’s “Old” (by M. Night Shymalan).

Food + Drink

Harvard Square adds Boiling Crab seafood, Inman provides Hot Chix pop-up a home

By the new year Harvard Square will be home to Boiling Crab, a seafood chain with 20 locations nationwide – but Hot Chix could be serving hot and spicy fried chicken as soon as this month in Inman Square.