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Feminist Bodega pop-up led by Viv For Your V will pack shelves with woman-owned brands

Boston-based Viv For Your V, which ships its environmentally conscious menstruation products to people’s homes, is planning a bricks-and-mortar Feminist Bodega pop-up shop for August, including goods from a woman-owned business in North Cambridge.

Union Square project holds a groundbreaking, commencing a planned economic resurgence

A 15-acre project called USQ got a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday, signaling what one speaker declared “the return of Union Square as the center of commerce for Somerville.”


Suicidal patient cut self repeatedly while at CHA, and the hospital was slow to correct safety flaws (updated)

A patient admitted to CHA Cambridge Hospital after a suicide attempt nearly succeeded again inside the hospital in 2020, according to state inspectors. Four months later, the hospital still had not carried out all the improvements it promised.

Project adding sidewalks and bike lanes to Huron wins MassDOT funds, as does Bluebikes growth

The state’s Department of Transportation awarded Cambridge nearly $600,000 on Wednesday to improve bike and pedestrian facilities, earmarked for a 10-foot, two-way separated bike lane and sidewalk on Huron Avenue and two new Bluebikes stations near Raymond Park and Old Morse Park.

Coronavirus cases are rising again for residents, including ‘breakthrough’ cases in the vaccinated (corrected)

Coronavirus cases among Cambridge residents have been rising this month, slowly at first and now much more sharply. And many of those infected were fully vaccinated, though none were known to get seriously ill or were hospitalized.

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The Agassiz neighborhood starred in ‘Love Story’ alongside Ryan O’Neal, Ali MacGraw and Harvard

Throughout “Love Story,” viewers can glimpse Cambridge before urban renewal, cellphones and personal computers, and much of the film’s visual honesty comes from director Arthur Hiller’s portrayal of star-crossed lovers’ newlywed life in the Agassiz neighborhood (before gentrification).

History Cafés introduce us to abolitionist women who buoyed Black city life from 18th century on

History Cambridge hosted Harvard and Simmons educators at History Cafés in the spring exploring the history of the city’s Black community, including abolitionist Harriet Jacobs, who ran boarding houses in the city, and threads of the Black experience through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.


There’s wide support for Baldwin Neighborhood replacing the Agassiz name, and no need to delay

The argument for a name change in this day and age far outweighs the argument of those who would avoid it. Over time names change, and often for good reason. This will prove to be a fine example of such evolution.

Olympians are swimming upstream against bias toward Black hair, and so are the rest of us daily

The criminalization of Black hair starts early, and sadly the sports arena is no exception.

Agassiz resident wants more renaming options appearing on a ranked-choice November ballot

There’s widespread agreement here in the Agassiz neighborhood that we should review its name, but why should our neighborhood and school be identified the same – after Maria Baldwin – and become the only neighborhood to have only a school’s name?

Wild Things

Double-crested cormorants dive like an otter because they’re not similar enough to a duck

In the Mystic River and Mystic Lakes, you might spot a fairly large, gangly black bird with a long, kinky neck. Perhaps just its head and neck can be seen bobbing along in the water while it searches for fish. This is the double-crested cormorant.


‘Snake Eyes’: A hiss for taking itself so seriously, fighting against ‘G.I. Joe’ action-figure origins

“Snake Eyes” prioritizes atmosphere and a general “vibe” over trusting the action set pieces that should provide its thrills. The end result hardly justifies the film’s existence, aside from allowing some actors a moment to shine.


‘Val’: Kilmer, cinematographer of his own biopic, charming us anew through wit and perseverance

The confluence of highs and lows and Val Kilmer’s keen wit make for a deeply intimate retrospective, culled from the actor’s own home video.


Who’s playing Nice, A Fest on Saturday

Somerville and Cambridge celebrate the return of live music with an all-local Saturday music festival cutely titled Nice, A Fest. “It’s just like, ‘Nice, we’re having a festival,’ or ‘Nice, we get to do this again,’” organizer Alex Prickett said.

What He's Having

Grilled octopus at Out of the Blue

Opened in haute Davis Square more than 20 years ago by Lydia and Steve Liakos, the Out of the Blue Restaurant offers simple, quality seafood done with a Sicilian accent in a cozy, nonpretentious atmosphere.


Harvard Art Museums plan to reopen on Sept. 4, adding Free Sundays with advance reservations

After closing mid-March of 2020 to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Harvard Art Museums are expected to reopen to the public Sept. 4.


Who’s playing Nice, A Fest on Saturday