State adds 400,000 educators to list for vaccine; Health Alliance says it is working with schools

Cambridge Health Alliance is working with local public schools to support Covid-19 vaccination efforts of teachers beginning next week.

One dead, one critically hurt in stairwell collapse during preservation work at First Street Garage

A collapsing stairwell at the city’s First Street Garage in East Cambridge killed a construction worker and left another man with “significant” chest and arm injuries early Wednesday.

CareWell back on the list for second Covid doses; city recipients must book at a mass site for now

CareWell Urgent Care will get 3,000 vaccine doses of Covid-19 vaccine next week from the state to use for people awaiting their second shot, while Cambridge Health Alliance disclosed that it had to postpone 2,400 appointments for first doses.

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Pauline Hopkins’ proto-science-fiction took off from familiar settings: The streets of Cambridge

After years of relative obscurity, Pauline Hopkins is hailed today as one of the most influential African-American writers of the early 20th century, a pioneer in her literary work and social thought.


Our ‘inapposite’ Law Department

The loss Cambridge had in court last week, which means paying $3.7 million for the Vail Court land-taking near Central Square even as the payee sues to get the property back, is part of a pattern for our Law Department.

Transition House clarifies to councillors, police that it didn’t cosign Black Response open letter

We remain committed to our partnerships and will continue to operate with transparency and integrity with all involved. We offer our sincerest apologies for the miscommunication and for any negative feelings that may have been caused by seeing our name included in this letter.

Open letter to councillors calls for March meeting about people-centered community safety budget (updated)

There’s an urgent need for discussion of a functioning and people-centered alternative to some current policing – a program that is more than just a symbolic gesture while that continues to be the dominant mechanism of “public safety.”


‘Chaos Walking’: On this sci-fi New World, displays of masculinity are clear, dangerous

On a far distant planet two centuries into the future, a colony of humans lives in what feels like a Western frontier town atop a forested hilltop – at war with the planet’s indigenous species and totally lacking in women, until one crash lands there.

Food + Drink

The Hungry Urbanist goes to the new Formaggio

The new Formaggio is much bigger and brighter than the old, with more and bigger piles and displays of wonderful things to eat. And radicchio at a price you may have never seen.

Film Ahead

Coronavirus edition 52: Billie Holiday biopic, greats at The Brattle and silly ‘Tom and Jerry’

This coronavirus edition of movies to shelter with brings Billie Holiday back to life, streams greats at The Brattle – including a rediscovery of “Smooth Talk” from 1985 – and looks at new releases such as “Tom and Jerry,” “My Zoe” and the docs “Sex, Drugs & Bicycles” and “Downstream to Kinshasa.”


Subcentral sounds like revival in Central Square for electronic music and DJ industry, education

A space for aspiring electronic music artists and studio producers called Subcentral launches this weekend in Central Square – just steps from where The Mmmmaven Project operated with a similar mission until April 2019.


‘I Care a Lot’: Trying to scam the wrong senior? You realize, of course, that this means war

“Playing fair is a joke invented by rich people to keep the rest of us poor” – a quote that might ring true if it wasn’t from the lips of a corporate Karen who dupes the elderly out of their amassed wealth for her own gain.

What He's Having

Jamaican jerk chicken sandwiches at Oggi

Oggi, a pizzeria plus, has persisted in an always changing Harvard Square – and it’s the fresh sandwiches that are the go-to.