Business + Money

Starbucks is gone for now from Harvard Square, but other shops are still pouring plenty of coffee

The closing of Harvard Square’s last Starbucks on Nov. 21 took many by surprise but gives visitors a chance to discover or rediscover the square’s many other locations for coffee, snacks, first dates, late-night check-ins and study binges.

Many sources for high costs at Jefferson Park, including building family units and new roads

The $900,000-per-unit cost of rebuilding Jefferson Park public housing stems partly from extraordinary factors such as bidding and wage requirements for public agencies, the large number of family-sized units, deteriorated utilities and hazardous materials at the site an analysis shows.


Attend meetings on sabotage at a new bike lane, students’ mental health, Alewife labs and more

Public meetings this week look at bike lane installations and their aftermath; election finance; special education goals and programs and kids’ social-emotional health; and changing yard setback rules, a lab building proposed in Alewife and a redesign for Carl Barron Plaza in Central Square.

Coronavirus infections match record from spring with cases rising in senior residences and schools

The number of Cambridge residents with Covid-19 jumped by 90 cases Friday, equaling the record set in the first coronavirus surge in spring 2020. And for the first time in months, infections were reported among residents and staff of long-term care facilities.

Malden man is charged after ‘barricade situation’ that took place early on Nov. 19 in East Cambridge

The man in a Nov. 19 gunfire and “barricade incident” in East Cambridge was identified Friday as he was arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court.



Cambridge Day
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History Cambridge is looking for a teen 15 to 18 who will research and share over social media

History Cambridge seeks a young storytelling fellow to help identify, gather, interpret and amplify the experiences of what it’s like to grow up in our city.


Why we need the dedicated bus lanes on North Massachusetts Avenue

If you live in North Cambridge or travel via Massachusetts Avenue north of Porter Square, you’ve probably seen the city’s new dedicated bus lane and protected bike lanes, and you might have had some questions – starting with: What are the bus lanes good for?

PFAS contamination calls into question Cambridge’s water supply strategy

A recent update from the Water Department on contamination in our water supply raises grave concerns for our health and safety. The city has repeatedly refused to switch our supply to the MWRA system based on unfounded claims it would be more expensive.

School meals for all kids should be permanent 

Struggling families face an extreme benefit “cliff”: Federal waivers enabling schools to serve meals to all students dissolve at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Arts + Culture

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville: Cantab, Chicken Slacks and holidays are all back

In a look ahead at a week of Cambridge and Somerville events, The Cantab Lounge reopens in Central Square with the Chicken Slacks on stage, there’s a Christmas tree lighting in Porter Square and plenty of holiday shopping opportunities loaded with music, skating, workshops and other fun – even a petting zoo.

Film Ahead

See a few Brattle favorites, a ‘Weird Wednesday,’ or ‘Power of the Dog,’ ‘Hand of God,’ ‘Last Duel’

These looks at what’s on the big screen and streaming include a bunch of Brattle programming from Agnès Varda to John Carpenter; and reviews of new releases “The Power of the Dog,” “The Hand of God” and “The Last Duel.”

Wild Things

Red-tailed hawks survived bounties and DDT era and now are at home swooping around city skies

This is the time of year to spot red-tailed hawks, because they are more abundant in our area in the winter; some northern red-tails overwinter with our year-round birds. Keep your eyes peeled and you might see one perched atop a light post or on a roof – on slightly windy days, look for them soaring in circles through the air.


‘C’mon C’mon’: Phoenix and his child co-star compete to astonish in this heartfelt travelogue

This is tender and heartfelt storytelling. Mike Mills has crafted something poignant and moving in “C’mon C’mon” with a trio of superb lead performances from Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffman and Woody Norman, who delivers one of the greatest, most unaffected child performances in years.

What We're Having

Double Mushroom ‘Steak’ & Cheese at Earnest Drinks (inside Gracie’s Ice Cream)

Funny to think that an ice cream shop would be a great place to grab a cocktail, let alone a meatless version of the cheesesteak, a renowned Philly classic, but that’s what Earnest Drinks just north of Kendall Square is all about.

Food + Drink

Foodstuffs: Resnick and Kimpton’s Miracle; Mamaleh’s has Flourish; El Jefe’s fundraises

What’s happening in Cambridge’s kitchens? There’s a new Kimpton chef, Adam Resnick, and a return of the hotel’s Miracle holiday pop-up; Mamaleh’s is baking with Flourish Flour; and Ben Abercrombie Day is back at ElJefe’s Taqueria on Dec. 7.