Attend meetings on remaking Carl Barron plaza, giving electric cars a boost, pot in Harvard Square

Public meetings this week look at remaking Carl Barron plaza so it’s friendlier to the unhoused, giving electric cars a break on recharging fees, real-time traffic accident reporting, a Western Front pot shop for Harvard Square and more.

Redistricting now keeps East Cambridge united in more geographically ‘coherent’ 26th district

East Cambridge will stay a single district in the state House of Representatives, avoiding the split expected in a redistricting map proposed last week, state Rep. Mike Connolly said.

Union Square station’s delay to March frustrates; Lechmere also stuck with shuttle buses till spring

Dismay and outrage greeted news Friday that the MBTA’s green line extension spur to Union Square has been delayed to a March opening.


Cambridge Day
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Saturday: ‘Food and Mending in Central Square’ guided tour shows how neighbors come together

History Cambridge’s guided tour about “Food and Mending in Central Square,” led by grad students from Boston University’s gastronomy program, will show how the sharing of ethnic cuisines helped raise awareness and understanding of the area’s cultural mosaic.

Is Cambridge construction getting Worcester?

The long arm of the City of Worcester stretches all the way to construction at the O’Connell Library in East Cambridge.


Verdict is in: Studies show bike lanes as beneficial to businesses, and drivers should want fewer cars

Study after study in city after city has found that bike lanes increase road safety for all users and have either positive impact or no impact on retail and food service.

A healthier conversation for safer streets: Candidate on bike law and group’s pledge

It is unfair to paint everyone with concerns about North Cambridge bike lanes, or the process behind them, as “anti-bike” or “anti-safety,“ just as it would be unfair to describe bicycle activists to be antidemocratic.

Our economy requires cars, and parking is vital for Cambridge’s struggling small businesses

Bike safety is important, but there was no stakeholder process by the City Council to determine how to address bike safety given all constituents needs.

Film Ahead

‘C’mon C’mon’ to the end of the IFFB; see ‘Dune’; and burn through some folk horror at The Brattle

These reviews of what’s on the big screen and streaming include the final offerings at the Independent Film Festival Boston, including Mike Mills’ “C’mon C’mon”; a Halloweenish series of “folk horror” films at The Brattle; and a look at whether the new “Dune: Part One” is worth your 155 minutes.

Wild Things

Common buckeye butterflies like the Northeast much more with climate change warming us up

You might still be able to spot the common buckeye butterfly, which sometimes stays in our area through November – and is expected to continue to increase in New England along with the rise of global temperatures.


‘The French Dispatch’: Bienvenue to the latest precious pages from the desk of Wes Anderson

Fans of Wes Anderson, cinema’s official maestro of all things quirky and twee, may be in for a bit of a letdown with this loving smooch to “The New Yorker” and other intellectually curious magazines of the latter half of the 20th century – i.e., “The Paris Review.”


Boston Poetry Slam won’t be back at the Cantab when it reopens in December, club booker says

The Cantab Lounge will reopen to the public Dec. 2 without the Boston Poetry Slam, according to a booker for the venerable Central Square bar and nightclub. There was hope the weekly event would still be revived.

Food + Drink

Tahaza Hummus Kitchen closes its kitchen; Coronavirus takes out East Cambridge eatery

Tahaza Hummus Kitchen closed Thursday in East Cambridge, a victim of a slowdown in customers from Covid-19 after six years serving Mediterranean fast-casual food.


Comedy Studio is temporarily at home in Vera’s but pinning down details for a long-term space

The Comedy Studio has relocated from Bow Market to Vera’s restaurant and bar within Somerville’s Union Square, where leaders say they plan to be for the next year while they negotiate a bigger space in the Cambridge-Somerville area.