Sunday, April 21, 2024

Business + Money

Housing Authority plans 22 rooms in Baldwin, hits a snag in purchase from Lesley University

The Cambridge Housing Authority wants to buy a house now used as a Lesley dorm in a neighborhood with little low- and moderate-income housing.

Paid legal notices for Cambridge for April 11-18

Cambridge public notices for the Board of Zoning Appeal and Cambridge Historical Commission, Planning Board definitions for hotels and motels and for the Khalida Griffin-Sheperd zoning petition, and an ordinance about the Fresh Pond Golf Course Pro Shop Fund.

Neville Place assisted-living gets $5.7M loan from city despite unexplained lapses in terms

Cambridge is increasing a loan to its city-affiliated Neville Place assisted-living facility near Fresh Pond despite a failure to accept the original loan for undisclosed reasons. Neville Place did not carry out many requirements attached to the original.

Bagelsaurus acquires Cambridge Clogs storefront for May expansion – and that means more bagels

Bagelsaurus will add an additional 500 square feet to its store next month, which means more room for needed refrigerator units to prepare more bagels.

Dx Arcade is focused on games, games, games while readying May opening in Harvard Square

In its nearly 400-year history, Harvard Square has never seen race cars, Nerf blasters and dinosaurs under the same roof. That will soon change.


Chemicals from Rite-Way’s on-site dry cleaning have contaminated the ground and potential sale

Levels of contamination at the empty former Rite-Way Dry Cleaners are “high” and nearly unprecedented in their complexity in the experience of a 28-year environmental expert hired by the property owner.

Attend meetings in Cambridge from April 18-25 about digital navigators and success in net-zero

Public meetings this week look at a Net Zero Action Plan report, a test of “digital navigators” to help people get online from the wrong side of the digital divide and child care for Cambridgeport. There’s also a town hall about black business.

Attend meetings in Somerville for April 18-25 about Earth Day, overdose prevention and bees

Public meetings and gatherings this week include Earth Day events, including a visit to Somerville’s growing Miyawaki Forest and a pollinator plan; a Narcan distribution; and Mystic River pathway and improvements at Draw 7 Park.

Activists fight the loss of ‘beautiful experiment’ for repairs without a plan at Democracy Center

Soon-to-be displaced nonprofits and activist groups were again dangled the possibility of returning to The Democracy Center after renovations.

Work on reusing private parking lots has started; If it can delay bike-lane deadline yet to be decided

Before the city knows how a change in zoning for private parking lot use plays out, there’s something else at risk: a deadline for the installation of bike lanes.

Cambridge Day
Please consider making a financial contribution to maintain, expand and improve Cambridge Day.


Horse racing in North Cambridge’s Trotting Park had an 18-year run before its land became homes

A trotting racecourse spanned a full mile loop bounded by Rindge, Harvey, Clifton and Cedar streets. For nearly two decades it was the area’s premier racing ground.


Fix our public parks right now

City management has to change its agenda from being wasteful, redundant and destructive to repairing and maintaining the parks that we have.

City staff aren’t requesting delays on bike lanes – bad politics are

There is no logistical need to delay bike lanes. There is only a political desire by some on the council, not supported by the public.

Somerville’s Climate Forward plan needs more, especially around schools, and sufficient funds

Somerville must show leadership in the climate crisis by reducing emissions by all means available and protecting the future of our youth. The children of Somerville deserve ambitious action. Please do not let them down.


‘Future Mind’ photographs at Harvard Art Museums

The Harvard Art Museums freshens up their collection in various mediums with “Future Minded,” but photography selections are particularly noteworthy. 

Wild Things

Millipedes are bizarre in a dozen different ways, but they don’t bite and curl up when threatened

Millipedes don’t have 1,000 legs – though biologists once found one with 1,306 legs hundreds of feet below ground – but if you are afraid of getting bitten, it’s centipedes that worry you, not these rather helpful nighttime dentrivores.


Joyous play about parenting a trans tween, ‘Mermaid Hour,’ near at Arrow Street Arts

“Mermaid Hour,” which flips a traditional coming-of-age narrative on its head by focusing on the parents, is coming to Arrow Street Arts.


‘The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare’: Team fighting Nazis is true to life with a blast of Richie

Real-life derring-do from a ragtag team of World War II commandos trying to cripple the Nazi naval war machine – with the flash of Guy Ritchie.


‘Challengers’: Triples tennis, lacking in rules

Luca Guadagnino’s latest is a fierce, fast passion play in the ranks of pro tennis with two former besties and the woman who’s literally between them.


Happy Record Store Day! Celebrate responsibly (Checking to see if impulse buys are union made)

After all the yammering this column has yammered since January regarding a wintry Record Store Day Walk, you didn’t think we’d watch the actual Record Store Day pass without comment? It’s almost 4/20, dude! Put on your walking shoes.