MBTA releases speed-restriction dashboard, hears demand to reject stagnant ‘new normal’

Subway riders can check updates on slowed commutes daily on a new MBTA Speed Restriction Tracker. By sheer numbers, the red and green lines are worst.

Somerville school leader candidate who left returns for consideration in second search

Five finalists in a restarted superintendent search were announced Wednesday by the Somerville School Committee, and they include the favorite candidate from the first round – back after dropping out in February. A Cambridge Public Schools official is on the list too.

Next tensions over parking lost to safe bike lanes brew on Main Street around public housing areas

Some are already questioning the plan to give a stretch of Cambridge’s Main Street between Lafayette Square and Portland Street separated bike lanes, potentially losing parking for cars close to the Newtowne Court and Washington Elms public housing developments.

Cambridge Day
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History Hub has stories of women to celebrate changing Cambridge since Battle of Bunker Hill

As this Women’s History Month draws to a close, History Cambridge invites you to learn more about some of the women who have had an impact on the community and to think about stories that haven’t yet been told.

The Tot Lot child care nears a 50th anniversary with the same cooperative model from its birth

Tot Lot was the first child care center in 1970s working-class Cambridgeport, and was designed to have parents working in the classrooms alongside the teachers.


Rindge Avenue residents support changes proposed to Affordable Housing Overlay

We urge passage of amendments to Affordable Housing Overlay zoning to allow more families to thrive here and enjoy the benefits Cambridge has to offer.

Why does Cambridge need a municipally owned broadband system?

A consultants’ report with scenarios for municipally owned broadband had a critical omission: a justification for why the city should consider the investment.

Heart responds to concerns of two city councillors

Addressing some of the concerns raised by Cambridge city councillors Paul Toner and E. Denise Simmons in their recent letter to the city manager about the Holistic Emergency Alternative Response Team.


‘John Wick: Chapter 4’: Series is on a slow burn and seemingly preparing for life beyond Keanu

The “John Wick” franchise is revered for its ever-escalating action sequences and rich mythology, which helps overcome story shortcomings this time around.

What We're Having

Not Chopped Liver at Lehrhaus

The Lehrhaus food list is not vast, but it is intriguing, with a Beet Reuben and Not Chopped Liver – a rich purée of eggplant, nuts, olive oil and mushrooms that is as smooth, creamy and savory as its fowl counterparts, but guilt-free.

Arts + Culture

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville: ‘Pests,’ dating horrors and ‘Of the Ether’ dance

In a look ahead at a week of Cambridge and Somerville events, there’s a “Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains” reading, Nick Zaino’s 100 Years of Boston Comedy, Urbanity’s “Of the Ether” dance and a “DM Mayhem” show of horrifying texts from men.

Film Ahead

Boston Underground Film Festival gets weird, ‘Pacifiction’ plays, ‘Boston Strangler’ is loose

These looks at what’s on screens in the coming week include the arrival of the Boston Underground Film Festival at The Brattle, “Touch of Evil” in Kendall Square and new flicks “Boston Strangler,” “Inside” and “Pacifiction.”

Wild Things

House finches once were popular as singing pets, then found ways to soar when freed into the wild

A group of finches is called a charm, and house finches are one of the more charming bird species. Once popular as pets, their adaptability has allowed them to thrive in many environments to which they have been introduced.

Food + Drink

Mainely Burgers prepares Friday closing

Mainely Burgers, open in Central Square since 2016, is closing Friday, and its location at 704 Massachusetts Ave. is listed as ready for immediate occupancy.