Business + Money

Many sources for high costs at Jefferson Park, including building family units and new roads

The $900,000-per-unit cost of rebuilding Jefferson Park public housing stems partly from extraordinary factors such as bidding and wage requirements for public agencies, the large number of family-sized units, deteriorated utilities and hazardous materials at the site an analysis shows.

Cantab reopening is pushed by a week, to Dec. 9

The grand opening date of the revamped Cantab Lounge in Central Square has been moved to Dec. 9, an extra week from the expected Dec. 2 reopening date, to accommodate “much-needed updates and repairs,” a manager said.


Attend meetings on the past (and next) elections, historical buildings and increasing ‘linkage’ fees

Public meetings this week look at administering the latest (and next) elections; the school district’s teen health survey; a real estate “linkage” fee leap; spending $65 million in American Rescue Plan money; and plans for – and protections of – the city’s Gas-Light and American Friends buildings.

As officer got a concussion fighting with suspect, an Army vet security guard stepped in, Elow says

Details were added Monday to the story of an arrest in Central Square that concerned city councillors for reasons ranging from the use of police resources to the risks of having a passerby take part in a police action.

Rangers report surprising crime at reservation: theft of a giant hornet’s nest meant for research

Fresh Pond Reservation rangers are hoping for a break in an unusual case involving a unique crime: Theft of a hornet’s nest.


Cambridge Day
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History Cambridge is looking for a teen 15 to 18 who will research and share over social media

History Cambridge seeks a young storytelling fellow to help identify, gather, interpret and amplify the experiences of what it’s like to grow up in our city.


School meals for all kids should be permanent 

Struggling families face an extreme benefit “cliff”: Federal waivers enabling schools to serve meals to all students dissolve at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Celebrating Thanksgiving’s 400th anniversary of revisionist history

As Americans, we should focus on creating this nation as a solid rock that rests on a multicultural and democratic foundation. This way, we’d recognize marginalized groups, especially our Native American brothers’ and sisters’ ongoing struggle every day, particularly on Thanksgiving.

Report on arrest ducks questions and concerns over involvement of passersby in police actions

If Cambridge hosts the next Kyle Rittenhouse, police and the city should be inviting the “help” of passersby in law enforcement matters only with open eyes and a clear policy.


‘The Half-Life of Marie Curie’ lays out its thesis and never challenges the conclusions

The setup of this historically accurate play has great potential for a discussion of what it means to be a woman in (what is largely perceived as) a man’s field and what it means for a woman to step into any number of possible roles in her life. But it doesn’t allow for much of anything approaching subtlety.

Arts + Culture

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville: Holiday shopping fairs, A.R.T.’s Day of Giving

In a look ahead at a week of Cambridge and Somerville events, there are holiday shopping markets with art, food, ice skating and workshops; music of the jazz and “chocolate rock” varieties; American Repertory Theater Day of Giving events; and a menorah lighting in Harvard Yard.

Film Ahead

Watch Will Smith as a winning ‘King Richard,’ ‘Boy Called Christmas’ and ‘Life of Louis Wain’

These looks at what’s on the big screen and streaming include “King Richard,” the story of the father behind tennis’ the Williams sisters; a holiday treat from Netflix called “A Boy Called Christmas,” a period piece of “The Electric Life of Louis Wain” and the documentary “Killing the Shepherd.”

Wild Things

A tufted titmouse might fly in to steal your hair, plucking it while you sleep to help build a nest

Tufted titmice (or titmouses, as they are sometimes called) live in Massachusetts year-round, and you will often see them at bird feeders in the fall and winter.


‘House of Gucci’: The styles clash in family drama

Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci” unfurls like an epic crime saga – think “The Godfather” (1972) by way of the hit streaming series “Succession.” It’s got devious parlor games, backroom corporate jockeying, bloody agendas and plenty of unintentional camp, which is both good and bad. 

Food + Drink

Lovers of meat lovers’ Bondir needn’t worry over Jason Bond joining Clover as its exec chef

News of an executive chef position with Clover may worry fans of Jason Bond’s tasting-menu restaurant Bondir that he either won’t reopen or has sworn off cooking with meat. He took time while prepping holiday meals to speak to each concern.