Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Mystic Ave. industrial area unfriendly to walkers is exempted from a requirement for green space

A stretch of Mystic Avenue around Assembly Square is so industrial, polluted and unfriendly to pedestrians that a development will be allowed to eliminate plans for a pocket park and move required civic space off-site.

Paid legal notices for Cambridge for June 13-20

Cambridge public notices for June 13-20, 2024.

When Jefferson Park’s homes open after remake, 30% of units won’t have local-preference tenants

The Jefferson Park Federal development will offer more than 200 low-rent apartments to people on a Cambridge Housing Authority’s waitlist, but the CHA can no longer give priority to people who live or work in Cambridge for all openings.

Bank is asked to forgive some of a loan to Neville, a nursing home, and has cause: Lack of collateral

An order asking Rockland Trust Co. to forgo getting repaid for a portion of a Neville Center loan said it’s necessary “to allow the city to provide much-needed support” to the financially challenged nursing home.

The Door Store, open since 1959, says it’s closing after financial issues and challenge from parking

The Door Store plans to close its own doors within a few months after more than six decades of business in Cambridge. The store decided to close because of rising costs and lack of business, general manager Dawn Leate said.


Latest state documents around Riverbend Park reveal cavalier remark, ignored calls for meeting

A cache of newly released records show internal thinking of state staff around the potential Saturday openings of Riverbend Park – and a resistance to scheduling a promised meeting that’s still unexplained to officials and residents.

Somerville council passes Safe Streets Ordinance for installation of 29 miles of protected bike lanes

A Safe Streets Ordinance requiring 29 miles of protected bike lanes to be built in Somerville by 2030 passed the City Council on Thursday, similar to the Cycling Safety Ordinance in neighboring Cambridge.

Settlement with gas company spares trees around reservoir that is main water supply

An agreement has been reached between the City of Cambridge and a gas company on a project that would cut down trees on Cambridge-owned land in Lincoln.

Second arrest made in basketball court shooting shortly before a community meeting for updates

A second suspect has been charged in connection with the May 23 double shooting at Donnelly Field in Cambridge, officials announced Thursday.

Attend meetings in Cambridge from June 13-20 about green jobs and eviction of a Harvard club

Public meetings this week look at how the green jobs effort is going, a Central Square Lots Study, improving tenants rights and the aftermath of a Harvard social club eviction from a Baldwin neigborhood home.

Cambridge Day
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Watershed: An excursion in four parts

Like travelers who want to keep some favorite place from being overly discovered, the residents of our neighborhood sometimes confide to one another in a near-whisper, “There’s no other place like this in the city.”


Road improvements are still hastened by deaths but slowed by resentments

The city can fix a dangerous intersection, but it will have cost a life. We’re one of three area cities with Boston and Somerville vowing to eliminate traffic fatalities through engineering, but we’ve struggled to meet checkpoints.

Poor and low-income workers and allies will bring demands to Washington, D.C., June 29

Poor and low-wage workers, affected people and allies will come to the nation’s capital to demand that those running for elected office this year embrace a moral public policy agenda that includes 17 demands.

Sign a petition for the North-South Rail Link, connecting North Station and South Station

For many years, Bostonians have dreamed of creating a direct connection between the North Station and South Station known as the North-South Rail Link.


Julia Csekö’s ‘Transcending Borders’ welcomes immigrants with a chance to tell their stories

The piece contains a rainbow of colorful ribbons, each saying “You are welcome here!” in different languages. A QR code prompts visitors to share their own immigration experience in writing or audio.


Nineties-themed Dance Party returns June 28

The kickoff to summer that began in 1996 and draws crowds of up to 30,000 people takes place in front of Cambridge City Hall.

Wild Things

Warbling vireos are notable for endless singing, but it’s in nest-building that these birds astonish

Warbling vireo nests are wonders of engineering: Hanging pouches 20 to 90 feet above the ground made with strips of bark, leaves, grasses and paper, thread and string, and held together by spider or caterpillar silk.


‘Gatsby’ review: A brilliantly executed adaptation triumphs over risk of telling a well-known story

Making its world premiere at the A.R.T., this gleaming version breathes life (and soaring music) into an American classic and is not to be missed.

What We're Having

Jazz and sushi at The Mad Monkfish

The Mad Monkfish has been holding its own since 2011 among Central Square‘s eclectic eateries, offering sushi, Thai classics, baos, ramen – and jazz.


‘Where That Came From’ moves music closer toward the artificial. Is that intelligent of us?

There are some serious questions to ponder with respect to music’s relationship to the latest supercharged “disruption” from venture capital and Silicon Valley – and, separately, the forces of gentrification versus local yokelism.