Business + Money

A showy opening for MIT’s Engine at 750 Main, space where ‘tough tech’ gets down to business

The opening night was as glittering as could be for a headquarters for The Engine, MIT’s incubator for “tough tech” such as wastewater testing and cell engineering platforms. A red carpet was laid into 750 Main St.; a black Cadillac Escalade waited outside; and 300 guests toured inside.

Pharmacist shortage disrupts Walgreens sites, closing windows for medication unpredictably

Erratic pharmacy operations at two Walgreens shops in Cambridge have been worrying customers, with abrupt, intermittent closings leading state Rep. Mike Connolly to consider reporting the issue to state regulators.


Developers will have to explain their decisions, but law to abolish parking minimums proceeds

The elimination of parking minimums citywide took another step Monday toward becoming law. It got an 8-1 vote by the City Council to go to a second and final reading despite the addition of two amendments.

School district eases measures of class air quality

After extensively upgrading school ventilation starting in 2020 to prevent Covid-19 transmission, Cambridge Public Schools have changed how it’s monitored.

Cambridge man shot at Central Square bookstore is found by police a half-mile away from incident

A 34-year-old Cambridge man was shot early Monday in Central Square, police said. It was the year’s 12th gunfire incident, but only the second with a victim.

Cambridge Day
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Longfellow had a disability, and family members who helped him adapt

Through a modern lens, it’s clear that the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had a disability that could stop him from composing, teaching and writing to extended family.

The ‘Gerry’ of ‘Gerrymandering’ was one of ours, co-writer of the Bill of Rights and a vice president (corrected)

Elbridge Gerry was described as cunning, obstinate, contrarian, contradictory and unpredictable – and what he did in 1812 is still shaping politics and democracy, including the upcoming midterm elections.


Tree rally in Danehy Park: Brownsberger speaks, MIT collaborates for greenery and city should too

More than 60 people gathered in Danehy Park on Tuesday to learn how to help stop tree loss in Cambridge and hear longtime environmental supporter state Sen. Will Brownsberger give an update on current climate change mitigation efforts. 

City failed to protect trees in Danehy Park

A visit to Danehy Park in mid-August found 108 trees we categorized in a range from “poor” to “dead.” Of them, 87 were mature and classified as “significant trees” by city law.

Fall into habits that improve your health

Fall is an excellent time to revisit the ways we spend our days and build in some healthy routines. Follow these tips to set yourself up for an extra-healthy 2023.

Arts + Culture

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville, from Cambridge Science Festival to Honk! fest

In a look ahead at a week of Cambridge and Somerville events, there’s a weeklong Cambridge Science Festival, the Honk! Festival of Activist Street Bands, 43rd Annual Oktoberfest, Grolier Poetry Book Shop 95th Anniversary Festival and much more.

Film Ahead

Scares from ‘Scream’ to the creepy new ‘Smile,’ but also the romance of ‘Bros’ and ‘I’ll Find You’

These looks at what’s on screens in the coming week include Wes Craven’s devilish and witty “Scream” the Landmark Kendall Square Cinema’s replay of “The Lost Boys” and the new “Smile.” Less scarily, there’s the gay rom-com “Bros” and Martha Coolidge’s romantic “I’ll Find You.”

Wild Things

Often indistinguishable from trees’ green leaves, katydids have song that can tell the temperature

Katydids are green insects camouflaged to look like leaves and often found at the tops of trees. It is not surprising, then, that katydids are more often heard than seen.


Lizard Lounge sounds the first notes of its return, starting with Club d’Elf and Poetry Jam and Slam

The Lizard Lounge nightclub opens today for the first time since Covid closed it in March 2020, running a slate of club favorites but, for now, open weekends only.

Food + Drink

When you can’t get enough baklava, try these indulgences from menus around Cambridge

Cambridge has a few ways to enjoy baklava, that always-tempting mix of phyllo dough, honey and nuts, that are a step away from the pastry on its own – if not always a step up.

What We're Having

Back to school with the meticulous Mâe Asian Eatery

At 20 seats, Mâe wants to feed as many people as it can in a night. But service is nothing but abundantly kind, and for some of the best Southeast Asian cuisine in town.