Mahoney retires as leader of fire department

Firefighters said goodbye Wednesday to Gerard Mahoney, who has served as their acting chief since March 2017. His firefighting career spanned some 39 and a half years.

State law overrides effort on LGBTQ kids’ privacy as committee votes on nondiscrimination policy

A change that would have protected LGBTQ students against being outed to potentially unknowing or hostile parents was taken out of a school district nondiscrimination policy.

Security company had ‘run amok’ at Manning, leaving housing authority in search of solution

The Cambridge Housing Authority has hired replacement security at Central Square public housing but needs a longer-term answer, board members have been told.

Cambridge Day
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The Foundry and Squirrel Brand Apartments share something: examples of adaptive reuse

Cambridge is no stranger to adaptive reuse projects, which revitalize an existing structure for new purposes. One has been around since 2002; the other is opening soon.

Lightning the way to a break in the weather

During a flash storm at around 7:45 p.m. Sunday, Pia Agliati caught a lightning strike over Harvard Stadium – a dramatic example of recent intense weather that’s due for a break.


Effect of quick-build bike lanes is questioned, with worries city is losing its unique character

Surely there must be a way to keep cyclists safe without wreaking havoc on the rest of the community with the scourge of vacant storefronts and congested side streets.

Move to close MIT campus to larger community contributes to the cold security of the ivory tower

Having the public present in campus spaces, our hallways and our libraries is a lovely reminder that there is a larger society we are a part of, and whom we are working for.

Inclusionary housing rent calculations are unfair

Many part-time and seasonal workers are being unfairly rejected or charged more than 30 percent gross income for inclusionary housing. All we ask is to pay what we make, not what city workers think we will.

What We're Having

Posh pescatarian small plates at Moëca

The dining experience at Moëca may – dare I say it – supersede Giulia, the sister eatery focused on pasta that’s run by Michael Pagliarini around the corner.


The Cambridge Chronicle posting no local news; Next step unknown for giant, debt-riddled owner

The lack of recent local news in the Cambridge Chronicle was explained Wednesday: The legacy paper’s sole staffer left to work at an independent site on the North Shore.

Arts + Culture

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville, from bubbles to ‘Come to Pass,’ a hip-hop play

In a look ahead at a week of Cambridge and Somerville events, there’s plenty of music (including new Sol Y Canto and Clem Snide) and theater (including the hip-hop musical “Come to Pass” and a production of “Eurydice”), and a return of the Evolution of Hip-Hop Festival, Floor Lords Breakdancing and MIT Swapfest, as well as bubbles and mini-horses.

Film Ahead

In repertory, Liz Taylor’s ‘Identikit’ reemerges, classic horror; Reviews of ‘Day Shift’ and ‘Fall’

These looks at what’s on screens in the coming week include repertory films such as “Identikit,” “The Birds,” ““The Night of the Living Dead,” “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” and John Carpenter’s deft remake of “The Thing,” as well as the new vampire-hunting “Day Shift” and acrophobia-inducing “Fall.”

Wild Things

Bald-faced hornets are gigantic and fearsome, able to sting and survive in defending their nest

These yellow jacket wasps get up to an inch long and scary looking, with a a well-deserved reputation for aggressiveness – though only when protecting their nest.


‘Emily the Criminal’: Student debt made her do it

Indie crime drama “Emily the Criminal” clicks because of Aubrey Plaza. Not enough can be said about her subtlety, or how much she does with a sneer or a shift of her large, luminous eyes.