Friday, July 19, 2024

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Paid legal notices for Cambridge for July 18-25

Paid legal notices for Cambridge for July 18-25.

With Cambridge Matignon sale, schools share: Banneker buys, ISB to keep leasing from church (update)

The Benjamin Banneker Charter School has bought the Cambridge Matignon high school building and fields in North Cambridge, providing a path for growth for the nearby school of around 350 students. Some of the site will stay owned and leased by the church.

Somerville’s Sound Bites can go at full volume after resolving diner licensing and labor issues

Things have returned to normal at the Sound Bites Cafe in Somerville’s Ball Square, where management drew reprimands from the U.S. Department of Labor and city Licensing Commission. For workers, things may be better than they were.

In comments on new, smaller Somernova plan, art space and creative economy stay the concern

Artists worried about Somerville’s disappearing creative spaces were the strongest voices at a hearing about an expansion at Somernova.

Paid legal notices for Cambridge for July 11-18

Cambridge public notices for July 11-18, 2024.


Attend meetings in Cambridge from July 18-25 about Matignon land, cookie shop, moth count

Public meetings this week look at Matignon land in North Cambridge and a Chip City cookie shop opening in Harvard Square, as well as envisioning the Massachusetts Avenue of 2040. There’s also an open invitation to the Moth Ball.

Attend meetings in Somerville from July 18-25 for real estate deal powering affordable homes

Public meetings this week look at a low-income housing swap that will put a Spring Hill property on the market, Somerville green initiatives and a future “entrepreneurial hub” that includes biomedical uses with creative space.

Another gunfire incident in The Port injures one across the street from previous disturbance July 4 (updated)

A man was rushed to a hospital Tuesday from Cambridge’s Port neighborhood with life-threatening injuries from gunfire, police said.

Historical Commisson wants to know more before landmark study for Democracy Center

Seeking to preserve Harvard Square’s newly empty Democracy Center as a historical landmark is not a trick, petitioner Dan Totten told the Historic Commission.

Public-housing provider will fight mice better, but defends practices such as warnings on rent

The head of the Cambridge Housing Authority is pushing back against allegations of poor conditions and unfair evictions made by a group of tenants at two large family developments – but also believes the CHA can improve some practices.

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Watershed: An excursion in four parts (Part IV)

Fresh Pond was once linked by a series of rivers to the Atlantic Ocean, and some vestige of that former water route is still navigable by canoe – even if a present-day river guidebook tersely describes Alewife Brook as “not recommended” for the activity.


Sharing the road like our lives depend on it

Bicycles and cars can coexist on the streets of Cambridge and Somerville with a bit of consideration. 

Somernova redevelopment brings many tangible benefits to Somerville

This project offers numerous benefits that align with the greater good of our community. It supports economic growth, addresses housing needs, creates jobs and provides valuable civic spaces.

We need the Democracy Center to stay a physical, noncommercial space to mingle and share ideas

Maybe the organization that owns the Democracy Center doesn’t really understand how unique the space is, or how important it’s become to the Boston area.

What We're Having

Octopus, salads and corn pitas at Eat Greek Gyros

Greek seems to be all the rage. Eat Greek in Somerville’s Davis Square – the chain’s only location outside Spain – gives you the gyros, souvlaki and tzatziki you’d expect and some eye-catching changeups to boot. 


Community media organizations switch leaders, with Somerville naming Effel to permanent role

The Somerville Media Center has a new executive director, while Cambridge Community Television has an interim leader and will look for someone permanent.


‘Twisters’: Chasing storms and spectacle again, Glen Powell’s star power vying with tornadoes

“Twisters’’ separates itself from its predecessor and adopts its own charming, modernist spin. But it’s best when it allows its stars – Glen Powell and the tornados – to pull us through their gravitational force.


Booking is easier as a ‘We,’ as in ‘Webookthings,’ while a pop-up music venue gets to nine months

Reflect, for a moment, on the harrowing logistics required to book a show calendar, which, in any given month, will place around 300 musicians in 70 bands on 20 bills performing on a half-dozen stages around town.

Events ahead

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville including Nice, A Fest, and Northbeast poetry

In a look ahead at a week of Cambridge and Somerville events, there’s the rock of Nice, A Fest, a ComixCon and NorthBeast Regional Poetry Slam, “Butterfly Effect” dance and new Crave night at ManRay, and Lawrence Millman reads from “Outsider, My Boyhood with Thoreau.”

Film Ahead

Comix flicks celebrate Million Year Picnic’s 50th, Sofia Coppola rewinds and, yikes, it’s Sgt. Pepper

These looks at what’s on screen in the coming week include a new doc about one of the oldest comic book shops in the country, right in Harvard Square, a visit from Sara Vachon with her Oscar-nominated “Robot Dreams” and a slew of related fun, as well as Sofia Coppola and nearly forgotten Beatles-themed 1970 cheese.