Attend meetings on buying land around Alewife, keeping options for remote speaking and more

Public meetings this week look at buying land in Alewife, updating green space, keeping options for remote speaking at City Council and School Committee meetings, a boutique hotel proposal and improvements to The Port neighborhood.

Among the dramatically dwindled cases of Covid, those under 20 account for most infections in city

Cambridge residents under 20 have become the age group making up the largest share of new Covid-19 cases in the past two weeks, although overall numbers are tiny. For months before now, people in their 20s had accounted for more new infections than any other age group.

System offered heat instead of relief to tenants during 90-degree days, set pre-climate change

For three days of a heat wave in the past week, residents of LBJ Apartments, the public housing development for elderly and disabled tenants on Erie Street in Cambridgeport, sweltered in their homes without air conditioning as temperatures climbed above 90 degrees.

Cambridge Day
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A story of enslavement; a Juneteenth reflection

In his own recounting of his historic April 18, 1775 ride, Paul Revere uses the body of an enslaved person as a landmark. To today’s reader, the reference is likely shocking.


Few thousands lost to outdated rules is terrible, but compare it with fortunes cost by license con

Now that the City Council has updated Cambridge’s retail table of land uses and home occupations zoning – a process that began in 2015 – is it getting any closer to remembering the businesses victimized by buying worthless alcohol licenses?

‘Heart’ public safety idea is a start, but far more investment is needed against domestic violence

The immediate issue facing the City Council concerns creating a new first response to some calls for help that go to the 911 dispatch system. We hope the city will move forward to do so. But the first response is just that. We must build up the resources and systems available after that first response.

In deciding to keep its library buildings closed, Cambridge chose safety for staff and residents

Could the staff of Cambridge’s public libraries have been doing more in recent months? Should the main library have opened earlier? During a global pandemic, the city chose safety first.

Film Ahead

Documentaries for body cams and stamp con; possible pick for Juneteenth; and ‘Vicious Fun’

Anticipating the Emancipation Day celebration, consider an odd turn of history in “Free State of Jones.” Things get even more real with a documentary about the moving image, police body cams and image as evidence and a postal pondering, and there are some blood-pumping genre pieces to see too.

Food + Drink

This year’s ‘Taste’ events will skip the samples for diner bargains that help restaurant workers

Post-pandemic, the Taste of Cambridge and Taste of Somerville events have been rethought for the year, creating a “Dining Passport” program running July 1 to Aug. 15, with proceeds going to restaurant workers and nonprofit organizations.


‘In the Heights’: Movie with a song in its heart

Before there was “Hamilton,” the hottest ticket on Broadway, there was this Lin Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes musical about a hot summer in Washington Heights, where music and dreams drive the pulse of a multifaceted Latinx community.

What He's Having

Lemongrass ginger iced tea and pho salad at Cicada

Cicada Coffee Bar and its backyard garden oasis have the same cozy sense of community and comfort as classic Cambridge institutions, and a menu of fresh and light yet satiating Vietnamese food and drink.

Food + Drink

Bond pleased to shutter Bondir for a larger space if Judy’s Bay gets to move in with unique izakaya (corrected)

The coziness of Bondir has always been a selling point, but the size has also been a longtime constraint on founder and namesake Jason Bond. Now Bond is looking forward to finding a bigger space by making room for Judy’s Bay, which specializes in Asian American barbecue.

Film Ahead

More theater reopening news, Pride Month film, journey to ‘Edge of the World’ and a ‘Conjuring’

With most area cinemas open, here’s news about Apple Cinemas and the Somerville Theatre, as well as what to watch during this Pride Month and a look at two new flicks: The somewhat true “Edge of the World” and a “Conjuring” horror sequel with a love story you may not believe.