Sunday, May 26, 2024

Simmons and McGovern return as mayoral team after Cambridge inaugural is disrupted by protest

Action lacks on empty Windsor Street building, but council accepted its inclusion in larger study

Ruling by court could test council’s civility code affecting public comment and even councillors

Attend the City Council meeting for a rat report, plans for a Covid-era inaugural event and more

Cambridge now has restitution and reparations on the table, awaiting input from the community

From $65 million for Covid to drug reparations, councillors delay four big items to last meeting

City manager bans remote public comment during in-person meetings, defying council

War on use of mushrooms, cacti and ayahuasca has been called off in Cambridge by council order

City could keep homeless shelter in empty dorm after current contract with state ends in spring

While told again of limits of Covid financial aid, councillors want to see specifics for themselves