Friday, December 1, 2023

‘Aftershock’ and ‘Silver Dollar Road’ docs rule, but there’s local horror and ‘Carny’ to try too

‘Killers of the Flower Moon’: True story of greed brings out the worst in men, the best in De Niro

Top festival-circuit picks come to The Brattle, Halloween is busting out and ‘The Burial’ is up

A couple with troubles: ‘Foe’ and ‘Fair Play’ flicks challenge love by offering escape and imbalance

Get free tickets to ‘Foe,’ celebrate great queer film, walk with a 1943 zombie and meet ‘Flora’

Hearing from silent with Buster Keaton’s ‘Ages,’ plus ‘Shutter Island’ and new ‘Megalomaniac’

‘Stop Making Sense’: Place among docs’ best suits Talking Heads in this 40-year rerelease

Brattle goes ‘Walken on Sunshine’ in ’80s series, Somerville drives Ford, says ‘Stop Making Sense’

‘Scrapper’ premiere and plenty of Soderbergh, ‘Cassandro’ and ‘Charlie Trotter’ go to the mats

Get experimental with Jean Eustache at Brattle and Azevedo Gomes at the Harvard Film Archive