Coronavirus edition, XLIX: February movie slate includes Boston Sci-Fi fest, art doc, Brattle trio

‘Malcolm & Marie’: Couples get in arguments, but this barn-burner gives us front-row seats

‘Bliss’: Wilson and Hayek simulate ‘The Matrix’

Coronavirus edition, XLVIII: Films for sheltering, focusing on Black History Month, an opera treat

‘True Mothers’: Happy family, unhappy prospect of a birth mother returning with second thoughts

‘The Little Things’: Tracking a killer before GPS, with detectives who also wander the moral map

Coronavirus edition, XLVII: Films to shelter with, from MLK to Bruce Lee, and following the border

‘The White Tiger’: Tale of a caste away in India, taking a sudden, dark turn on drive to overcome

Coronavirus edition, XLVI: Films to shelter with, peaking with Brattle gems and ‘Cool Hand Luke’

‘Outside the Wire’: If they survive their mission, do androids dream of military pensions?