Cambridge Day is a Web-only source for news and entertainment about Cambridge and surrounding communities. Visitors are invited to participate by commenting on posts (so long as comments are handled responsibly and respectfully) as well as by submitting letters or essays for publication and, in some cases, contributing regularly as a reporter, reviewer or provider of other content.

Cambridge is in large part politically progressive; embracing of science and reason; and welcoming – and protective – of the diversity of humanity, and Cambridge Day tends to reflects the mores of its community. Its reporting is fact-based, however, with a separate section set aside for the (also fact-based) expression of opinion, and all voices are welcome in its pages.

If you feel you have time and skills to contribute, please contact the editor at (Letters may be sent for posting to; news tips or other communication with the editor that isn’t intended to appear on the website with your name attached should be sent to

Those wishing to advertise on the site should send email to

This site is a work in progress, and its appearance and policies are subject to change. All content is copyright in the year of posting and perpetuity afterward by the editor, site and creators. Text can be linked to and cited under the principles of fair use; use of Cambridge Day photos should be requested by contacting the editor at

Some content appeared previously on a blog maintained by the editor or in the print edition of Cambridge Day, which was distributed around the city during October and November 2005. While in certain high-profile settings, heavy reliance on previously written material may be disappointing to readers and therefore bad PR for a publication, in general the editor does not believe you can “plagiarize” yourself. A post that relies significantly on information from a press release that hasn’t been independently verified by Cambridge Day, however, will be identified as such. Failure to do so is an error that will be corrected upon notification of the editor.

The editor is, in fact, interested in learning of and correcting any errors of fact, quote or context as quickly as possible. If necessary, the editor can be reached at (617) 230-9632, although email is the preferred means of communication.

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