Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Find the print edition in your neighborhood

Are you looking for a copy of The Week, the print edition of Cambridge Day with news and information about (and for) Cambridge and Somerville? There are thousands of copies distributed every week going mainly to public places such as city halls, libraries, coffee shops and the like; in a few instances bundles are being dropped off at large apartment buildings.

This map, current from November into December, should point you to a copy of The Week, which is currently printed and distributed Fridays. 

If you’re still having trouble finding a copy or have a suggestion for a new drop-off location in an underserved area of the cities, you can send a note to [email protected] or contact Fernando Alves of EDS Distribution at (781) 801-9457.

The same contact information can be used by businesses that would like to become a drop-off point, reduce or increase the number of copies coming weekly or be taken off the distribution list. 

Many people have asked about getting home delivery; we’re exploring it! If you would like to be alerted if that becomes a reality or to be consulted beforehand, send a note to [email protected] or call (617) 230-9632 to give your name and address for what could become a waitlist.