Avoid contact with Alewife Brook, Mystic River until Saturday morning, health officials warn

Council finds it has little oversight of police force, and a city body that does has been missing duties (corrected)

Alert is put out for woman last seen in Somerville, missing for nearly two months from East Boston

Protesters force City Council into virtual meeting with chants to release name of officer in shooting

No parking ticket on a windshield in Somerville? New devices may mean getting bad news by mail

Cambridge Public Schools open sacred spaces where observant on campuses can pray daily (updated)

Girls can’t slide on gravel or swing in the dark, but they can call for better playing fields – again

Attend meetings in Cambridge from Jan. 23-29, looking at art space and deeper into a shooting

Attend meetings in Somerville from Jan. 23-29 on Porter labs, police stations and the homeless

Even unarmed response teams see few options for calls reporting someone holding a weapon