Wednesday, April 17, 2024

I’m Jesse Gordon, candidate for Cambridge City Council.

I’ve been door knocking since February, presenting my progressive platform of affordability, livability and accountability. For seven months I told voters that the council should return $8 million to the taxpayers from the budget surplus, because their tax increase last year made Cambridge less affordable for thousands of people in modest homes, on fixed income and in modest rental units. For seven months the City Council incumbents called me “dishonest” and “disrespectful” in the press for calling for an $8 million tax cut from the budget surplus — and then in late September they passed an $8 million tax cut from the budget surplus.

We won one tough fight, to get the City Council’s attention on how its tax increase was driving the middle class and working class out of Cambridge. There’s another tough fight ahead, to fix the underlying problems that make Cambridge housing increasingly difficult to afford. I want to take on that fight on the City Council.

I want to take on other important fights for Cambridge too. I want to ensure that our city’s upcoming development plans focus on livability — on the needs of people rather than the needs of cars. I want to make our city government more accountable — open to people and responsive to people. And I want to keep the City Council’s first priority on meeting the housing needs of people of all incomes and families of all kinds.

If you believe in focusing on affordability in our city, please vote for Jesse Gordon with your No. 1 vote tomorrow.

With your No. 1 vote, I can take on those important fights, and bring a voice of strong progressive reform to our city government. Can I count on your support?

Jesse Gordon

Porter Square