Friday, May 24, 2024

The Kennedy-Longfellow middle school recently got $25,000 as part of an effort to boost science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning — especially among lower-income students and others traditionally underrepresented in those fields.

Called Green in the Middle, the initiative will involve about 100 teachers and 1,400 students at 11 schools throughout the state, according to officials at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. Five other school systems applied for the grants and were rejected.

During the grant period, which ends Aug. 31, schools are intended to come up with and implement environmental projects for their communities. Along the way, education officials hope, students will be more engaged in school and less likely to drop out; and find their leadership skills enhanced and the transition to high school easier.

“Congratulations to the Kennedy-Longfellow School and the Cambridge Public Schools Science Department,” said Justin T. Martin, spokesman for the district.