Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Work has been done lately at the decaying Faces nightclub property on Route 2 in Cambridge, but not to replace the building itself. (Photo: Marc Levy)

The Directory of Cambridge Web site picks up the thread on the Faces nightclub property today: The work seen lately at the Route 2 property is to infrastructure — sewage or piping, the site says — not construction to replace the Faces building itself.

There has been some minor work done on the decaying building, apparently to further seal it off from people who might hurt themselves getting in and wandering around out of curiosity. It helps prevent liability issues for the owners of the property, the warring Martignetti family.

The site also served recently as a staging area for the parking garage built behind Faces to serve the Acorn Park office buildings. The Bulfinch Cos., of Needham, got approval in November from the Cambridge Historic Commission to tear down and replace a five-decade-old building put up by Arthur D. Little, the venerable Cambridge consultancy now based in the United States in Boston and Houston.

The parking garage will eventually be replaced by two office buildings, the commission was told by Larry Grossman, of ADD Architecture Inc. Minutes for that meeting are here, with the Acorn Park information starting on Page 4.

Leaura Levine, a spokeswoman for The Bulfinch Cos., said Monday that the company had no further information to offer and wouldn’t confirm that the information given the commission was still accurate. In November, company general counsel and senior vice president Mark R. DiOrio declined to answer messages left with him about the Acorn Park project.