Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Visitors make the rounds of themed tables at the annual meeting of the Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association, held Wednesday at Cambridge College’s Massachusetts Avenue conference space. (Photo: Marc Levy)

The past year of fundraising was a disappointment to the Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association, it was announced Wednesday at its annual meeting.

Fundraising netted $2,226 from 71 donors, announced treasurer Frankie Lieberman, while two years ago — after the start of the so-called Great Recession miring the world economy — the association brought in $5,676 from 139 donors.

That means the number of donors dropped by about half, with their donations at about 39 percent of the previous year’s.

“This is not a banner year for fundraising, and it’s not clear why,” Lieberman said.

She conjectured on whether including a donation envelope in the newsletter was the key to more contributions, but acknowledged that the current bank balance of $3,182 suggested only five newsletters were possible over the next year and a half.

“We’re hoping to do more by e-mail, so if you haven’t turned in your e-mail address, please do that,” she said. “We look forward to another good year.”

The annual meeting was held at the Massachusetts Avenue conference space of Cambridge College, with most of the night devoted to a festive setup in which visitors could walk from table to table and talk with representatives from organizations in such fields as recreation, government or media. Many tables had items that could be picked up for free or sold, such as a library table staffed by director Susan Flannery offering free reusable shopping bags and selling books of “The Secret Gardens of Cambridge” and tickets to this year’s Secret Gardens tour. (The event is June 13.)

Rep. Alice K. Wolf, a Cambridge Democrat gearing up for re-election, made the rounds and visited with constituents. Mid-Cambridge is considered to be the roughly triangular area between Harvard, Inman and Central squares.

The association also elected its board for the year — 11 candidates for 11 positions with coordinating-committee members being re-elected wholesale save for Doane Perry, who retired after a decade on the panel and was replaced by his wife, Karen Carmean.

The returning committee members are Lieberman, association president Joan Pickett, George Bossarte, Fritz Donovan, Elizabeth Gombosi, Debby Knight, Margaret McMahon, John Pitkin, Chris Robinson and David Szlag.

The election was held by a show of hands, with no dissenting votes.

“We could learn something from your election methods. I wish my election was as easy as yours,” Wolf said to laughter.