Saturday, July 20, 2024

Visitors to the Kendall Square T stop on the red line, obviously bored from not having the band music sculpture to play with, have taken to dialogue with the sign explaining the lack.

To the sign’s statement that the interactive art “is currently undergoing renovations,” an unhappy someone has asked if “currently” really mean “permanently.”

“They were broken for years and will take years to fix,” writes a pessimist with bad reasoning skills, referring to the sculpture.

In an equally odd posting, someone says they like it “when things aren’t prettied up perfectly” and that “complaining yuppies” are ruining Boston by, apparently, expecting things to work. Here’s how the art worked: With the help of people wrestling a handle on the T stop wall back and forth, hammers would slowly begin to swing until they hit metal bars and made a pleasant thrumming sound.

But the guy who isn’t a complaining yuppie and isn’t ruining Boston, um, Cambridge, was obviously okay with everything just sort of hanging there being silent and useless. And with having handles on the walls that didn’t do anything.

Noting that the sign had been up since at least July 11 — if the note at the bottom is to be trusted — in September someone wondered, “Any updates?”

Not from anyone fixing the sculpture.

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