Sunday, April 21, 2024

I’m just now catching up with Howie Carr’s column from Wednesday, after Occupy Boston was rousted from its Camp Rose, in which the Boston Herald writer makes an extraordinarily confusing point about the fact that Cantabrigians were among those who got arrested.

“I have some bad news for the 99 percenters down at Occupy Boston,” Carr wrote. “Comrades, I fear you have been infiltrated by the one percent, the super rich.”

He goes on to note that some of those arrested from Cambridge seem to be white and from good addresses, including Dunster Street, a Harvard University dorm and even Sacramento Street in the Porter Square area, which, as we all know, one can’t afford unless you’ve George Soros-like wealth. To cap off all this damning information about the super-rich who’ve “infiltrated” Occupy Boston with the devious plan of being arrested alongside the less-well-off, Carr has this bit of intelligence about that fraud from Porter Square:

His first name is “Jasper.” Not too many townies from North Cambridge named Jasper. He is, needless to say, a white male.

It’s a hoot to pick apart the Carr column sentence by sentence, but if you don’t have the time to waste, the whole thing can be summed up as saying Occupy Boston should not welcome the help of white people who might have money but are willing to be arrested protesting policies that hurt the less fortunate.

The whole column is amazing — in that none of it makes a lick of sense. (By his logic, no white citizen of the United States, from William Lloyd Garrison to LBJ, should have been opposed to or acted to end slavery or racism.) Carr even loses track of who he’s calling commies.

The Boston Herald published it anyway. Does anyone edit this guy?