Sunday, July 14, 2024

City councillor Leland Cheung has picked up a campaign endorsement from state Sen. Sal DiDomenico, an Everett Democrat representing Cambridge, who says the first-termer “has brought about new energy and ideas to the Cambridge City Council.” And more:

“He has been focused on bringing about innovative solutions to strengthen the local economy, increase civic participation and make government more accessible for city residents. I am proud to support his re-election to the City Council on Nov. 8.”

The campaign is thrilled to have his endorsement, said Cheung aide Anthony Morse.

School Committee vice chairman Marc McGovern is also touting his endorsement from DiDomenico:

“As a strong proponent of public education and a fellow graduate of CRLS, I have seen firsthand the leadership that Marc McGovern has provided on the Cambridge School Committee, and that’s why I support his re-election on Nov 8. Marc knows our city, he knows our students and their families and he cares deeply about Cambridge Public Schools.”

Committee member Fred Fantini also got the state senator’s endorsement. And on Wednesday, Tim Toomey campaign manager Dan Weber transmitted DiDomenico’s endorsement for Toomey’s 12th term on the City Council:

“Tim Toomey has spent his entire career addressing the needs of the residents of Cambridge with a common sense approach. He has consistently stood up for our neighborhoods and put the interests of the city’s residents first. Councillor Toomey has worked tirelessly to strengthen the local economy, increase access to city parks and open space and most importantly, respond to the needs of his constituents on a daily basis. I am proud to support his re-election to the City Council on Nov. 8.”

Finally — for now — council challenger Matt Nelson noted Friday that he has his own DiDomenico endorsement to tout:

“As a veteran community organizer and proud CRLS graduate, Matt Nelson cares deeply about the City of Cambridge and has been dedicated to bringing people together around important causes, such as providing health care to all residents and ensuring that we protect our environment. I think that his experience and perspective would add to the dialogue on the Cambridge City Council, and I’m proud to support his campaign.”