Thursday, May 23, 2024

Cambridge residents seeking citizenship will want to head to Boston on Saturday for the latest monthly citizenship drive offered by the Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and five community partners. The drive is to held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church, 88 Tremont St., Boston, near the Park Street T station.

The latest city data show 25.7 percent of Cambridge residents are foreign born — or at least were between 2007-09, according to census data in last year’s Statistical Profile.

The event is to help immigrants apply for citizenship by helping them complete needed forms and answering questions about the process. As citizens, immigrants can travel more freely and get jobs for which citizenship is required, said Paulo Pinto, executive director of the alliance.

“Citizens are also shielded from deportation, which impacts thousands of immigrants each year, including many legal permanent residents who are detained and deported wrongly or by mistake,” Pinto said. “And, of course, citizenship gives immigrants the right to vote and run for office so that they can have a more direct impact on government decisions that affect their daily lives.”

To apply for citizenship at the drive, eligible immigrants must bring their green card, passport, two passport photos, a money order for $680 made out to to USCIS (or a request for a fee waiver based on receipt of public benefits or documented financial hardship), the date of all trips abroad since getting the green card, list of addresses and employment for the past five years and a Massachusetts identification card or driver’s license. A Social Security card is optional.

For information or a pre-screening for eligibility, call Júnior Catão at (617) 864-7600 or send e0-mail to [email protected].

This post took significant amounts of content from a press release.