Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Lainey SchoolTree “Save the World” album campaign on Kickstarter ended at 7 p.m. Saturday with $9,035 gathered, topping the artist’s $8,500 goal.

“By the hammer of Thor, we did it!” SchoolTree told supports via an exclamation-mark-laden e-mail. “There are not sufficient words to represent my gratitude.”

A couple of days before, still thousands of dollars short of the needed amount — and Kickstarter passes on zero dollars if the a stated goal isn’t meant — SchoolTree posted a video to YouTube expressing the desperation she felt (and doing mildly obscene things with bananas and balloons). The song is funny, as should be expected from the creator of a fundraising campaign that was actually fun to follow, and while it no longer applies to her and her band, it may live on as an anthem for anxious Kickstarters everywhere.

And probably should.

Here’s the NSFC (not-safe-for-church) video: