Saturday, July 20, 2024

The city has been conducting a citizen survey every other year since 2000 to let residents rate city services and offer input on what the city does well and how it can improve. The current survey is under way and available through Sept. 25 here.

Opinion Dynamics Corp., a polling firm in Waltham, is coordinating the survey and will also randomly call 400 Cambridge residents to complete the survey. Every household in the city with a phone has an equal chance of being called. At least one-quarter of the phone surveys will be conducted with cellphone-only households.

A hard copy of the survey can be done through Sept. 25 at:

City Clerk’s Office, Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 349-4260
City Council Office, Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 349-4280
Citywide Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 349-6060
North Cambridge Senior Center, 2050 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 349-6320
Cambridge Public Library, 449 Broadway, (617) 349-4030
Boudreau Branch Library, 245 Concord Ave., (617) 349-4017
Collins Branch Library, 64 Aberdeen Ave., (617) 349-4021
O’Connell Branch Library, 48 Sixth St., (617) 349-4019
O’Neill Branch Library, 70 Rindge Ave. (617) 349-4023
Valente Branch Library, 826 Cambridge St. (617) 349-4015