Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A dancer performs in the fall 2011 Shared Choreographers’ Concert at The Dance Complex in Central Square.

As a volunteer-based, artist-run nonprofit organization, The Dance Complex is nothing if not democratic, and it proves it three times a year with its Shared Choreographers’ Concerts.

The concerts, the latest of which is Friday and Saturday in Central Square, date back 20 years, making it the organization’s first program — yet eternally the freshest, with proposals taken from any dancer or choreographer for any style piece with the simple pitch: “You’re trained, you’ve got ideas. It’s time to uncover your talent.”

The results are invariably eclectic as well as “never to be duplicated or replicated,” and this year’s offerings look as varied as ever, with five choreographers presenting dance in ballet, contemporary, modern, hip-hop, jazz and musical theater styles. (The artists are Irina Rosenblit, Laura Fetko, Chien-Hwe Hong, Lucy Vine and Meghan McCaffrey.)

It makes for an entertaining show, but it turns out there’s more going on than just what the audience gets to see.

“Choreographers of different experience levels are given feedback on their proposed pieces during a series of showings with professional mentors, while two other dancers learn how to produce a concert,” Rosenblit said. “Each performance brings a different element into the concert, allowing the show to cross boundaries of dance style, performance technique and dance background.”

The October show, called “An Evening Delight: See my story, discover my community,” shows at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at The Dance Complex’s Julie Ince Thompson Theatre, 536 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square. Tickets are $10 with reservations (held until 7:45pm).

For information call (617) 547.9363 or click here.