Friday, May 24, 2024

070813i-Katherine-ClarkFrom the Katherine Clark campaign, Aug. 20: Katherine Clark is launching a kitchen table tour  Monday in Arlington in which she will talk to voters across the 5th Congressional District about the family issues she has championed during her career as an attorney and legislator and to listen to their concerns. A Cambridge stop is expected but not set.

“The issues you and I talk about around our kitchen tables should be the same issues on the table in Congress,” said Clark, a Democratic state senator from Melrose running to replace Ed Markey in the 5th. “Republican extremists continue to push an agenda of rolling back women’s rights instead of working on the issues that improve life in our communities – creating jobs, increasing the minimum wage, protecting Social Security and Medicare, addressing climate change and enacting gun safety measures.”

Clark will travel across the district and sit down with voters around kitchen tables to hear from them directly. A mother of three boys in public schools who helps care for her aging parents, she knows firsthand how federal, state and local government policies affect us, from rising health care costs to new school standards.

“Washington desperately needs a change in the conversation from a focus on repealing laws and standing in the way of progress to advocating for seniors and veterans, fighting for the middle class and improving education in our schools,” Clark said. “I’m looking forward to discussing my priorities with voters and hearing their feedback on what we should be doing to move our country forward.”

Katherine’s Kitchen Table Tour will begin in Arlington on Monday. In the first week, Katherine will sit down around kitchen tables with voters in Cambridge, Lexington, Revere and Framingham.