Saturday, June 22, 2024

City Manager Richard C. Rossi is seeking Cambridge residents and local professionals interested in serving on the Recycling Advisory Committee, an all-volunteer committee providing advice, assistance and recommendations to the Department of Public Works on recycling, composting, reuse, extended producer responsibility and waste prevention.

The committee has been active for more than 20 years and should consist of at least nine members, who serve a three-year term and are expected to attend meetings held the second Wednesday of each month from September through June.

The city seeks members that represent local businesses and property managers going green; residents and users of the Recycling Center; nonprofit organizations; and social service agencies whose goals overlap with waste reduction.

Knowledge, skills and abilities needed include marketing, advocacy for state and federal policy on extended producer responsibility; knowledge of the reuse industry; familiarity with the Cambridge Public Schools; knowledge about using recycled materials; and knowledge about non-toxic alternatives to everyday items.

Duties, responsibilities and minimum requirements include attending monthly meetings; participating in creating committee direction and implementation of ideas; taking a leadership role in projects, such as doing research, organizing and attending events, advocating for extended producer responsibility legislation, etc.; working with the Public Works Recycling Division, Climate Protection Committee and other city staff to provide feedback on city initiatives and collaborate on projects; researching approaches to communication, education and best practices for recycling, composting reuse and waste reduction programs; disseminating outreach materials and posting fliers in the community to educate the public; writing articles for all varieties of media promoting city programs and services, including newspaper editorials, blog posts, newsletter articles, etc.; initiating, planning, attending and managing events to promote recycling, composting, reuse and waste reduction; recruiting additional volunteers for specific events and projects; meeting with the community and participating in at least two to three events, such as Danehy Park Family Day, Area IV Community Pride Day, Urban Ag Fair, CitySprouts Festival, Family Fun Day, Fresh Pond Day, Arts in the Park, Summer in the City and block parties; and promoting positive recycling, composting, reuse and waste reduction whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Interested people should submit an email by Oct. 22 describing relevant experience and professional interest in these issues to Owen O’Riordan, acting commissioner at the Department of Public Works, 147 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02140; or e-mail to: [email protected]. For information, visit Current members interesting in serving again must also submit a letter of interest by Oct. 22.