Thursday, May 23, 2024

101513i-Mushtaque-MirzaFrom the Mushtaque Mirza campaign, Oct. 23: Mushtaque Mirza announced that he has received the endorsement of 82 members of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. Endorsers include vice chairman Raymond Jordan, vice chairwoman Debra Kozikowski, treasurer Nicole LaChapelle, secretary Carol Aloisi and former chairman Philip Johnston.

“Mushtaque is a veteran progressive whose values reflect the Cambridge community very well. I feel strongly that he will be an extraordinary city councillor. I urge all Cambridge voters to support him, “ Johnston said.

Committee members praised Mirza’s many years of service to the party and to the Massachusetts political community and emphasized that this experience would be a great benefit to Cambridge.

Parwez Wahid, who serves on the Affirmative Action Committee with Mirza, said, “I am happy to give my endorsement to Mushtaque Mirza for Cambridge City Council. Mushtaque is a dedicated worker who firmly believes in good government and the importance of commitment towards public service. As a city councillor he will prove to be a strong asset to the city.”

Mirza said that he was pleased to be receiving widespread support for his council campaign. “I am honored to receive the endorsement of so many of my colleagues on the Democratic State Committee. For the past 14 years I have worked alongside my fellow committee members to see Democrats elected to office. I am proud that many of them are now supporting my candidacy,” he said.

Mirza has served on the Democratic State Committee since 1999. He has been a member of its Executive Committee, Affirmative Action Committee and Public Policy Committee.

Mirza also has the endorsement of the Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists.

A complete list of State Committee members endorsing Mirza:

Nazda Alam, Elaine Almquist, Carol Aloisi, Cathy Ashton, Russ Asthton, Sandi Bagley, Tom Barbera, George Barnoski, Rhonda Bourne, Michael Brady, Brenda Brathwaite, Leon Brathwaite, John Brissette, Linda Broadford, John Buckley, Susan Burstein, John Businger, James Campano, Valentino Capobianco, Robert Cassidy, Ileana Cintron, Reina Corchado Silva, Helen Corrigan, Karen DeTellis, Mark DiSalvo, William Dooling, Stephen Driscoll, Cathy Dwyer, James Fiorentini, James Fleming, Marilyn Flowers, Heather Fowles, Roberta Goldman, Theodore Gross, Lee Harrison, Dylan Hayre, Carolyn Herrick, Thomas Herrick, Ralph Hicks, Norma Hill, Warren Hill, Tom Holloway, Martina Jackson, Philip Johnston, Raymond Jordan, Joseph Kaplan, Donna Kelly-Williams, Patricia Kirwin-Keilty, Frederick Koed, Debra Kozikowski, Nicole LaChapelle, Jack LaLond, Joseph Lawless, Bob LeBlanc, Sam Liao, Margaret MacKenzie, Thomas McGrath, Candy Mero-Carlson, Linda Monteiro, Arthur Natella, Harold Naughton, Karen O’Donnell, Karen Payne, Robert Peters, Robert Pierce, Melvin Poindexter, Tina Poindexter, Gail Poulten, Samuel Poulten, Arthur Powell, Meiko Rollins, Tootsie Russell, Diane Saxe, William Shemeth, Sam Shusterman, Donna Smith, Nancy Stenberg, Sharon Stout, Randall Tatum, Susan Thomson, Eric Turner and Parwez Wahid.