Sunday, May 26, 2024

081114i-Warren-TolmanI am a disability rights advocate and a lawyer in Massachusetts. Warren Tolman reached out to me early in this campaign, visiting me at my office to discuss how he can best be an advocate for disability issues as attorney general. I had gotten input from various other disability rights advocates prior to this meeting and shared our concerns with him.

I told him that first and foremost, if elected attorney general he has to re-energize the Disability Rights Project of the Civil Rights Division, which was active some years back but in the opinion of many has been much less so in recent years with his opponent running the division. When I brought this up with Warren, he took this suggestion to heart and not only did he endorse it that afternoon in a debate, but it is in his platform regarding supporting people with disabilities, available on his website.

It struck me right from the first sentence that he really “gets” our issues: “As a matter of social justice, we must act to empower individuals with disabilities to control their own lives, and we must include them in any decision that will affect their lives.” We also talked in our meeting about the need for legislation strengthening the Architectural Access Board to align it with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the fact that many restaurants, sidewalks and other places of public accommodation in this state are not accessible and must be improved. He wholeheartedly committed himself to these issues and they are in his platform as well. There is no doubt in my mind that Warren will listen to our concerns and make standing up for people with disabilities a priority rather than an afterthought.

I am strongly supporting Warren Tolman for attorney general because I am convinced he will be the strongest advocate for disability rights.

Carol Steinberg, Brighton