Sunday, June 23, 2024
Cambridge Community Television, 438 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, has been named as host to a Tuesday debate for state representative in the 26th Middlesex District.

Cambridge Community Television, 438 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, hosts a free “Media Maker Day” on Saturday.

Cambridge Community Television is holding a free open house from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, giving the public a chance to poke around the station and get a new appreciation of what goes on inside.

During the Media Maker Day, visitors are invited to step onto the “BeLive” studio set and be interviewed live on the air by citizen journalists, or to step into a storytelling booth to “explore memory and nostalgia, record a story and make use of some special props,” according to a CCTV email.

There is also an educational opportunity in the studio’s computer lab, where quick demonstrations of Photoshop image manipulation and Vine video creation are offered, and a chance to take part in an “interactive video feedback experiment” with cameras and sound equipment set up in the main studio to “provide a heady sensory experience.”

“Or just enjoy some snacks and chat with CCTV staff about the many ways you can use CCTV as a resource to realize your vision or idea for a project,” said the email from Susan Fleischmann, executive director of the community media center.

The center operates three community cable channels, offers classes in media production and access to equipment and facilities and runs an art gallery, citizen journalism and youth programs.

The open house is at Cambridge Community Television, 438 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square. For information, call (617) 661-6900 or visit its website.

This post was written from a press release.