Saturday, July 20, 2024

From the Samuel M. Gebru campaign, Jan. 26, 2017: Setti D. Warren, the two-term mayor of Newton, endorsed millennial candidate Samuel M. Gebru at his first Cambridge City Council campaign fundraiser Jan. 25 at The Asgard Irish Pub & Restaurant near Central Square. Speaking to a crowd of civic leaders, educators, students, families and supporters, Warren, the first popularly elected African-American Mayor in Massachusetts, laid a strong case for municipal government and why Gebru should be elected.

Millennials must take active leadership in politics, said Warren, praising Gebru’s long résumé of civic engagement and community organizing in and out of Cambridge. “I’ve been a mayor for eight years and know what it takes to lead a city. At just 25, Samuel’s got it,” Warren said.

Introducing himself as a “servant to others before self,” Gebru began his remarks by thanking his staff, family and those attending. He praised his mother foremost and acknowledged his many mentors and educators, stating, “I stand on the shoulders of many in Cambridge who raised me.”

In an emotional speech, Gebru shared his vision and campaign motto: “Building an Inclusive Cambridge.” He laid out his plans to embark on a citywide listening tour to formulate his policy agenda, which will be released at a kickoff party in May. Coining his “13 Neighborhood Strategy,” Gebru underscored that he will visit each neighborhood and learn firsthand the priorities of his fellow residents.

Gebru pledged to be a full-time city councillor and, once elected, to take council meetings regularly outside City Hall to all neighborhoods. “My guiding values are inclusive politics, inclusive housing and inclusive economy. It is with that lens I aim to engage all Cantabrigians and understand how I can serve them best as their next city councillor,” Gebru added.