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Sutton grew up in upstate New York and went to college in Colorado, coming away with a degree in aerospace engineering and astrophysics. He was worked for a decade in the transportation industry managing large-scale operations, projects and facilities, and has experience in customer service that “taught me how to turn ideas into action and measure the results for effectiveness.” Since moving to Cambridge a few years ago, Sutton has taken to volunteering (with his dog Macy) with Caring Canines as a therapy team visiting seniors, children and special-needs patients in facilities and hospitals and working with local groups working on political reform, including Represent.Us, Cambridge Residents for Responsible Elections and Voter Choice Massachusetts.

Top priorities:

bullet-gray-small Affordable housing: “Create a comprehensive scorecard for all affordable housing metrics and publish it on the city website. Track the impact of each initiative against its projection. This will keep us focused on programs that give solid results and disregard ones that don’t.”

bullet-gray-smallCampaign finance and political reform “including publicly funded elections, term limits and an extended cooling-off period from elected office to working for a developer or lobbyist firm.”

bullet-gray-smallClimate resilience and green initiatives.

Excerpted from Scout Cambridge. Read the complete profile here.


bullet-gray-small314 Action

bullet-gray-smallMassachusetts Voters for Animals

Sutton has some solid experience that could be of great benefit to the city. His performance on the campaign trail, which has seen some halting and somewhat beside-the-point answers – including a long story, given the time constraints of a candidate forum, about taking his dog on an emotionally affecting trip to a hospital as therapy for a patient – makes one wish he could benefit the city as high-level staff, if not as a city councillor.

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