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Gregg Moree, 60, was born and raised in Cambridge and attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. His cites his uncle Joe Sakey – former director of the Cambridge Public Library – for his mentorship in teaching Moree people are “only truly rich when you have given everything away and only truly noble when you serve others.” He is a carpenter who, inspired in part by the lack of good training and jobs for local tradespeople, has run for council in every election since 2007.

Top three priorities:

bullet-gray-smallEducation. He believes there should be more youth apprenticeship and internship programs, including some resulting from mandatory signed contracts between the city and the companies it hosts.

bullet-gray-small Jobs and equal pay. Moree supports boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour, as well as “equal pay for all; … enforcing city ordinances on city jobs; and linking construction jobs for Cambridge workers to permits and project approval.”

bullet-gray-smallHousing. Moree wants to use programs such as co-housing to make living in Cambridge more affordable and respectable.

Compiled from the candidate’s words in publicly available sources.

Nothing about Moree has changed in the past two years, since the last time he ran for office, or in four years, when he ran before that. This candidate has some basic ideas but still doesn’t seem to have much to offer the city; there have been times on the campaign trail that he runs out of the answers for policy questions and turns to simply filling time by reciting examples of his family’s contributions to the city. But wanting to live up to a family legacy is different from convincing voters you can.

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